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Pharmaceutical packaging low density polyethylene resin special material was born in Shanghai Petrochemical

[ppzhan Abstract] if excessive packaging is the taboo of food packaging, then the taboo of pharmaceutical packaging must be that Jinan assay tensile tester of pharmaceutical packaging can test rubber and plastic unsafe. Therefore, the first thing about drug packaging is that it can meet the durability test, the relationship between tightening range and pressure test, and the spring tightening test under specific pressure, which can ensure the quality and use safety of drugs within the period of validity. This is of great significance to ensure the safety of people's medication and the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry

the story of "buying a pearl and returning it" means that buyers are confused by the exquisite packaging, but from another perspective, this story also shows the value of packaging. Although drug packaging does not pursue Huamei, it has been improving and innovating to meet the special needs of drugs. In recent years, it has continuously introduced high and new technology, and its value has therefore continued to rise

recently, Shanghai Petrochemical Q2 has different regulations and requirements in different technical standards. 81D high-pressure low-density polyethylene new products have passed the inspection of Shanghai food and drug packaging materials testing institute, and meet the national drug packaging film and bag material standards issued by the State Food and drug administration. This marks the birth of the first domestic low-density polyethylene resin special material that can be safely used in pharmaceutical packaging in Shanghai Petrochemical, and can realize industrial production. It is understood that in the national standards for pharmaceutical packaging film and bag materials, the inspection standards for polyethylene materials include appearance, barrier performance, mechanical performance, heavy metal content, etc., of which the important standard is n-hexane dissolution. The n-hexane dissolved matter of the film made of q281d high-pressure low-density polyethylene products produced by No. 2 polyethylene unit of Shanghai Petrochemical plastics department is 24mg, which is 30mg lower than the national standard value of drug packaging film and bag materials

in the environment of advocating low-carbon economy, the technological development of drug packaging materials must meet the requirements of environmental protection, and attention should be paid to preventing the excessive occupation of natural science and technology and social resources. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the safety of drugs, the value of drug packaging is the result of comprehensive consideration of technology, market and resources. The horizontal tensile testing machine provided by Jinan assaying factory has electronic and electro-hydraulic servo consumption

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