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The phenol Market is mainly digested in the short term, and it is not easy to get out of the impasse

the domestic phenol market has been slightly weak in the recent stability, and the focus of some markets has slowly declined under the stalemate. Although the market has not highlighted a clear bearish mentality, in the current imbalance between supply and demand, in the next five years, the market will get out of the dilemma, and it still needs to wait for the continued improvement of terminal market demand and the digestion of port and social inventory

driven by the market bullish around the Spring Festival, some traders and downstream factories have inventory behavior, and the digestion of social inventory is relatively slow. The main reason is that the problem of insufficient downstream construction continued in March, the pressure of recruitment difficulties in the downstream of East and South China remained unabated, and the factory construction did not reach the normal level. At present, the current situation of oversupply in the market is also reflected in the large number of imported goods in February and March. Under the pressure of existing storage tanks, there are still successive arrival plans, and the demand is delayed, and the data line shielding processing is difficult to improve. Under the circumstances, the cargo holders maintain a relatively positive sales intention, and the actual negotiation focus of the market has also fallen. As of Thursday, the reference yuan/ton and 14300 yuan/ton in East China have been heard during the negotiation. The pressure of imported low-cost goods will have a certain resistance to petrochemical shipments. Although the existing Petrochemical attitude is still based on price stabilization, market operations should still be cautious under the existing negative factors

at present, there are many rumors about Petrochemical maintenance, among which the maintenance of Yanshan East unit has been heard continuously, while the maintenance plan of northern unit remains to be further clarified by petrochemical. For the current market, it is still not easy to get out of the impasse in the near future, and in the short term, it will continue to be dominated by digestion and appropriate inventory adjustment

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