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Phenol in East China is in a consolidation trend, and the northern market continues to convert 2G absolute dry pulp into slurry volume, which is weak in stability

the phenol Market in East China is stable and warming, and transactions are still rare; While the northern market continues to be weak, the market is more wait-and-see

East China market: the phenol Market in East China is warming up, and there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. The quotation is at yuan/ton, and the transaction price is stable at yuan/ton. Driven by the higher external market price, some quotations are tentatively increased by 50 yuan/ton, which makes it difficult to actually deal

South China market: the phenol Market in South China is stable, the transaction price in Guangdong is yuan/ton, the downstream demand is low, and the market transaction is flat. The transaction volume in Fujian is RMB/ton, and the downstream demand is sluggish. The transaction situation is general, and some traders are bearish in the future

North China market: the phenol Market in North China continues to be weak. The quotation of first-hand traders in the surrounding areas of Yanshan is relatively stable at yuan/ton, the transaction price is 13050 yuan/ton, and the lowest transaction price can be 13000 yuan/ton. The market atmosphere is cold, and there are few transactions. Traders and downstream wait to see the price policy of Yanshan Petrochemical after the monthly settlement. Henan market 1 Turn the rod of the zigzag mechanism to the limit on the left (opposite to the black knob) and watch more. The downstream will not purchase temporarily, and the trading is in a vacuum state. The manufacturer's inventory pressure increases

then it is necessary to check whether the experimental machine has started the limit protection device

market trend analysis: at present, the balance of high-tech production and sales, coupled with the planned maintenance of Caojing device next month and the stable import quotation, make East China importers have the willingness to tentatively improve the quotation, while the market demand in the North continues to be weak, causing the manufacturer's inventory pressure to gradually appear. Market participants predict that the phenol Market in East China will be consolidated in the short term, The northern market will continue to look weak in stability

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