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Editor's note: different materials of drugs need different fixture packaging. As the packaging of special commodities, packaging can be said to be the second life of drugs, and the most basic to continue this life is the application of packaging materials. Therefore, attention should be paid to both the quality inspection of drug packaging materials and their application. So in this issue, we will discuss drug packaging on the basis of drug packaging materials


packaging can be divided into general packaging and special packaging according to its purpose. Because drug packaging materials are used to package special commodity drugs, drug packaging materials belong to the category of special packaging, which has all the attributes of packaging and has particularity

in a narrow sense, drug packaging materials can be divided into the following categories according to material composition:

Plastics (thermoplastic, thermosetting polymer compounds)

rubber (thermosetting polymer compound)

glass (commonly used silica)

metal (common aluminum)

combination of the above components (such as aluminum plastic combination cover, composite film for drug packaging)

quality requirements for drug packaging materials and containers

China's traditional Chinese medicine packaging materials and design

improvement of drug inner packaging materials

PMP materials sterile powder API inner packaging materials

selection of drug packaging materials/containers

classification of drug packaging materials

quality inspection of drug packaging materials

in order to confirm that drug packaging materials can be used to wrap drugs, it is necessary to carry out quality monitoring on these materials, According to the specificity of the use of drug packaging materials, these materials should have the following characteristics:

a can protect drugs from the influence of the environment during storage and use, and maintain the original properties of drugs

b the nature of drug packaging materials should be stable during storage and use

c drug packaging materials should not pollute the drug production environment when wrapping drugs

d drug packaging materials shall not contain substances that can not be eliminated in the process of use and have an impact on the packaged drugs

e the drug packaging materials and the packaged drugs cannot react chemically and biologically

analysis of testing technology for the resistance of drug packaging materials (Part 1) (Part 2)

electrolytic testing technology for the moisture permeability of drug packaging materials (Part 1) (Part 2)

detection and sampling technology of polymer in drug packaging

Application of detection technology of packaging materials for health products

analysis of factors affecting the heat sealing strength of aluminum foil in drug packaging

comparative test on the determination conditions of glowing residue of butyl rubber

specific application of three drug packaging materials

the above analysis of the characteristics, classification, and quality inspection of drug packaging materials, Next, we will focus on the specific applications of different drug packaging materials

(pressing the test piece into a drum shape can stop loading I) composite soft packaging materials

application points and analysis of medicinal soft packaging materials (I) (II)

Application Analysis of composite film for pharmaceutical packaging (I) (II) SAMPE Beijing Branch (III)

Application of pharmaceutical composite film environmental protection

Application of composite film in China's pharmaceutical flexible packaging

Application of drug blister flexible packaging materials

production quality management of drug blister packaging materials (I) (II)

basic requirements for film coating on stamens

moisture-proof film coating material for traditional Chinese medicine

ideal material for infusion packaging -- multilayer coextrusion film

Application of polyolefin multilayer coextrusion film in infusion packaging

(2) Plastic materials are allowed to be repaired according to relevant rules

Plastic packaging for pharmaceutical packaging and its common plastic materials (upper) (lower)

Application of plastic materials and products for pharmaceutical packaging (I) (II) (III) (IV)

high barrier new polymer materials for pharmaceutical blister packaging

common packaging materials and form characteristics of pharmaceutical injections (I) (II)

Application of plastic materials in China's pharmaceutical packaging industry

(III) Rubber material

Technical Application of pharmaceutical composite rubber bottle stopper products (I) (middle) (lower)

Application of butyl rubber bottle stopper in pharmaceutical packaging (I) (lower)

(IV) metal material

Application of pharmaceutical aluminum tube packaging material

selection of foam forming substrate for pharmaceutical aluminum plastic blister packaging

(V) Glass materials

Application of glass packaging materials in the pharmaceutical packaging industry


to sum up, it can be seen that the pharmaceutical packaging and material industry have made great achievements in application and technology. Although there are still problems, the current pharmaceutical packaging industry has great development potential, and the pharmaceutical packaging sales occupy a considerable market, so it has a very broad market

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