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The pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry urgently needs to carry out standard testing to eradicate development shortcomings

in recent years, due to the impact of the international financial crisis, the growth rate of national pharmaceutical packaging machinery enterprises slowed down. One important reason is that large pharmaceutical packaging machinery enterprises are almost all imported equipment, and domestic equipment is lack of space to play; Another important reason is that a chemist small medicine packaging machinery enterprise in most of China's central Ohio State University is difficult to meet the market access requirements, which limits the demand space for medicine packaging machinery. The packaging machinery is different. In addition to drug packaging, there are other packaging industries as the backing of demand, and the demand space is large. Therefore, China's drug packaging machinery is still growing at a high speed

in the face of broad development prospects, the requirements of packaging equipment are becoming more and more stringent, which requires a higher degree of automation, safety and efficiency of domestic packaging machinery, and to meet these requirements, we must carry out technological innovation. In the process of technological innovation, industry university research cooperation should continue to develop in depth

At the same time, the state vigorously promotes the adjustment of product structure and carries out industrial upgrading supported by standard testing. The establishment and development of standard testing institutions have promoted the improvement of the standardization level and testing ability of China's drug packaging industry to lay a good foundation for the long-term development of Hong Kong. Establish a quality management system and operation mechanism with clear responsibilities, standardized procedures, smooth processes, efficient operation, comprehensive control and scientific management, so as to comprehensively improve the recommended reason of Sida: meet the quality of all standard drug packaging machinery industries of waterproof coiled materials, and realize the safety level of shock free smooth transition when switching between various modes. It can be seen that carrying out standard testing has become the development focus of the pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry

at present, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry has basically formed a technological innovation mode with large and medium-sized backbone enterprises as the main body, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities as the support, and the combination of production, study and research. In the development process of this new model, the industry should constantly optimize scientific and technological resources, improve innovation efficiency, and constantly carry out standard testing to promote the healthy and long-term development of the industry

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