At the strategic transformation station of the hot

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On the strategic transformation station of construction machinery, the "the Belt and Road" tuyere

the elimination method of the strategic transformation of construction machinery: go to the gas station in the oil tank of the experimental machine, the "the Belt and Road" tuyere

information on China's construction machinery

with the country's strong promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, the expectation that the construction machinery industry will benefit from the construction of large overseas projects is becoming stronger and stronger, Enterprises that have deployed overseas in the early stage and have advanced technologies and products have more opportunities to receive full orders

Zoomlion and Sany Heavy Industry, as leading enterprises of construction machinery, both started overseas earlier and are improving day by day. However, the overseas expansion paths of the two companies are not endless, covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... And so on. Zoomlion is connected with the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measurement installation through a series of transmission mechanisms in Europe. It has made repeated gains in high-end machinery markets such as 1 Tongmei, while Sany has continuously strengthened its expansion efforts in emerging market countries such as Asia and Africa. 2015 will be the most critical year for these two leading construction machinery enterprises to put their strategic transformation into action. Whether it is international market expansion or domestic market excavation, reform has become the core driving force of development. Zoomlion has made efforts to diversify and high-end, and sany has made efforts to intellectualize and informatization. The path choices of transformation and upgrading between the two have begun to differ

looking back on the A-share bull market from 2005 to 2007, Zoomlion started at 5 yuan and went up all the way to 64 yuan, while Sany Heavy Industry rose from around 5.4 yuan to more than 70 yuan, both leading the construction machinery sector with an increase of more than 1300%. In the bull market from 2009 to 2011, the two companies also increased by more than 300%. Since the beginning of November 2014, Zoomlion and sany have also won the favor of investors again, showing a trend of rising from low

which of the two construction machinery companies with the largest A-share market capitalization is expected to be the leader again, and who is more confident to fly in the new normal of China's economy and stock market

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