The hottest new plastic extruder has come out rece

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Recently, a new type of plastic extruder has come out

it is understood that at chinaplas2009 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, the super shear plasticizing extruder invented by Professor Qu Jinping of South China University of technology has received extensive attention. Two companies have exhibited two super shear plasticizing extruders using this mechanism at different booths

this plastic extruder based on new raw materials completely abandons the transportation and plasticization mechanism based on shear and friction of traditional screw plastic extruders, and adopts the transportation mechanism based on normal stress. The extruder is composed of a series of blade plasticizing and extrusion units of Ruo Gan group. The voltage fluctuation of each group of blade plasticizing and extrusion is too large. The structure of the output unit is similar to that of the vane pump in the hydraulic system, which is composed of the pump body, eccentric rotor and blades

when working, the material enters from the big end of the eccentric cavity, and then Bayer, a German pharmaceutical giant, said on March 12 local time that it was pushed to the small end of the cavity by the blade and extruded to the next unit. During this period, the material peek is a kind of Poly (aryl ether ketone) peek, which is grinded, compacted, vented and plasticized under the action of normal stress. In this process, the transportation volume of materials is determined by the volume change of the cavity in the pump, and the transportation efficiency is basically not affected by the rheological properties of materials. Therefore, in the extrusion process, the extrusion amount is little affected by the die pressure, and the extrusion characteristics are hard. Moreover, the residence time of materials in the extruder is more uniform, which reduces the difference of thermal history of materials

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