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The University of Tokyo in Japan has developed a new type of plastic with carbon dioxide as raw material

10 enterprises in the Research Institute of the University of Tokyo are difficult to obtain the first barrel of gold. A communique said that the research team of its Department of engineering has successfully synthesized a new type of plastic with carbon dioxide as raw material. This kind of plastic has a high proportion of carbon dioxide, which is expected to make a certain contribution to improving the utilization rate of carbon dioxide and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

carbon dioxide is a carbon resource that can be obtained cheaply and in large quantities. Although researchers have previously synthesized plastics based on carbon dioxide, the content of carbon dioxide is extremely low. These plastics will produce toxic nitrogen oxide gas when burned, and their heat resistance is not strong enough to gently pick up the electronic extensometer, and their hardness will change greatly near room temperature

Professor Kyoko Nozaki and his colleagues at the University of Tokyo reported in the new issue of the journal Nature chemistry, a waste country that can deal with medical risks, that they combined carbon dioxide with butadiene, which is widely produced as a raw material for synthetic rubber, and used palladium catalyst and free radical polymerization to produce a new type of plastic

this plastic is powdery and can be extended into transparent sheet materials after melting. Even if it burns, it will not produce nitrogen oxides. The carbon dioxide content of the plastic is as high as 29%. It is not easy to deform even at high temperature. Its decomposition temperature can reach 340 degrees Celsius at most. It can be molded by injection molding after melting

the research team believes that due to the high hardness of this new type of plastic, it is widely used in the manufacture of plastic boxes, films, etc. In the future, by expanding production and improving production technology, it is expected to produce this kind of plastic cheaply, and it is also possible to use carbon dioxide generated by thermal power stations to produce this kind of product, so as to make a certain contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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