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New plastic technology will change the mainstream application in the packaging industry

a British polymer enterprise recently unveiled a "breakthrough new green plastic technology", claiming that it may change the mainstream application in the packaging industry

this company is aquapak polymer materials company, headquartered in Birmingham, UK. Over the past five years, it has invested US $5.2 million to develop a "fully recyclable nano polymer material" portfolio, which is suitable for various packaging applications, such as food, paint, coating and electronic products

a spokesman of the company said that a 5500 square meter factory was being built and 70 workers would be recruited. After it was put into operation next year, it could produce 30000 tons of new material particles for the production of new films

the company said that the product range is based on a complete set of patented technology. After "sufficient tests, it is superior to the normal plastic film of the same grade in strength and impact resistance."

Aquapak claims that this plastic has a wide range of uses, excellent isolation effect, anti-static, and resistance to a variety of solvents. Resistant to oil and gasoline erosion. The company also added that the clamping method can also be adopted) said that this material can be completely recycled through the current waste recycling channels, biodegradable, soluble in water, "completely harmless to the marine environment"

the company said that when designing materials and processing technology, full consideration should be given to the compatibility with most standard polyethylene equipment, so that "the comprehensive utilization of blown thin renewable resources can be minimized, and the additional investment of film manufacturers is expected to reach 265 million tons."

mikeeverard, the managing director of the company, said, "we firmly believe that aquapak's super polymer materials can replace many standard materials used in the industry at present, with similar costs, higher product performance and enhanced functions. Food packaging is the first commercial application field we tested. This material has been approved by FDA and can greatly extend the shelf life of some foods due to its excellent isolation performance."

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