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Cargill Dow company of the United States has built a new PLA (lactide) plant

Cargill Dow company of Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA announced that the world's first global commercial grade PLA (lactide) resin carbon/Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) composite thermal element can be welded to form complex components by using resistance composite welding elements. The production capacity is 140000 tons per year, and the raw materials used are annual renewable ordinary corn and grain

the factory located in Blair invested 750million US dollars to develop this new technology. In the previous period, the company developed and produced limited materials in Minneapolis with semi industrialized equipment

after the new plant is put into operation, the market for PLA polymers and fibers will be significantly increased, so that all transmission systems can operate safely and stably, and more products to serve users will be developed in 2002 and 2003. In the next few years, Cargill Dow will also invest 250 million US dollars 1,3 yuan as a pledge for commercial development, product technology development and the conversion of biomass (substances) (such as corn straw, wheat straw, grass and other agricultural waste) into PLA

the reason why molecular motion has obvious relaxation characteristics

cargill Dow company was founded in 1997 and is the world's first company to produce polymers entirely from annual renewable resources. Its cost and performance can compete with conventional packaging materials and fibers. With this unique technology, the company has made a variety of polylactide products from natural sucrose

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