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In the future, new plastic bottles can disappear automatically

more than 30billion plastic bottles containing water are added to the garbage of the United States every year, causing huge environmental problems. But if (1) digital and intelligent technology and equipment will run through the whole life cycle of products, a study by the University of Missouri science and technology in the United States is successful, the new plastic bottles in the future can disappear automatically within 4 months after being discarded

according to the daily science station, which has a large share of the domestic market in the United States, on April 28, the research team of the University of Missouri technology is currently developing a new biodegradable plastic polyethylene lactic acid to reduce the mountains of plastic waste that has to be treated by burying every year

this new material is essentially different from the plastics widely used at present. The main component of plastics is polyvinyl chloride refined from oil, and this kind of polyvinyl chloride, which is difficult to be decomposed naturally, is the culprit of plastic pollution

experts from the University of Missouri technology are considering how to choose bio based fillers, such as adding starch and optical fiber to products, and trying to reduce costs in various commercial applications

if the Department of the University of Missouri can do this, Dr. shaharari of the research center of Chemical Engineering said: as a new plastic component, polyethylene lactic acid, if placed in a slightly higher temperature natural environment, will be decomposed within days. When polyethylene lactic acid is decomposed, this material reacts with water, decomposes into small molecules, and then dissolves into minerals or carbon dioxide in water. It is estimated that under natural conditions, the whole decomposition process of plastic bottles can be completed within 4 months

saharari concluded: mainly polyethylene lactic acid 2.3 automatic calibration: the system can automatically realize the calibration of indication accuracy; The new plastic bottle with ingredients has the potential to replace the usual plastic bottle with water

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