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Apple's new plastic fuselage was criticized, and the stock fell sharply due to the U.S. press conference

yesterday, apple officially released iphone5s and iphone5c. Chinese Mainland was shortlisted for the first time in the IPO market, and was listed simultaneously on the 20th of this month. However, this highly watched press conference was only surprised but not happy. Apple stepped down from the altar in a colored plastic coat. It was surprising that the price of the Chinese version was higher than expected, and the lack of innovative new products did not make fruit powder happy. In the end, this expectant new product launch turned into a spitting roast conference

the new product launch in the United States caused the stock to plunge

Apple held a press conference at its headquarters in California yesterday morning. Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled two new iphone5s and iphone5c

compared with iphone5, the main upgrade of iphone5s is the A7 processor with 64 bit architecture. Apple claims that it is the world's first intelligent with 64 bit processor. The biggest highlight of the function is the newly added fingerprint identification security function touchid. When the user touches the button on the home screen, 5S will automatically identify the user's fingerprint and unlock it. In addition, the iphone5s has three colors: dark gray, white with gold, and white with silver. At the same time, black, which has been the main color of the first generation iPhone, has been canceled

different from the FRP body material of iPhone4, iphone5c adopts an integrated plastic shell, and suddenly has five body colors of green, white, blue, pink and yellow to choose from, which is undoubtedly a great breakthrough for apple, which has always been very conservative in color

On the day of the press conference, Apple's stock price fell 2.3% to close at $494.58 per share

China press conference became a laughing stock

before that, a news once excited Chinese media and consumers. Apple will hold a new product conference in China alone, only a few hours away from its US Conference. However, yesterday morning, the press conference held at the office of Apple China in Beijing International Trade phase III was ultimately just a video playback with Chinese subtitles

according to an introduction, when he arrived at Apple's office, he found that only a screen was erected on the wall of the conference room, and dozens of folding chairs were placed in front of the screen. There were no high-level figures of apple and leaders of domestic operators at the scene. Around 10 a.m., the media present found that the large screen on the wall began to play the video of Apple's press conference in the United States early yesterday morning, which was exactly the same as the live broadcast they saw on yesterday

I didn't expect that the so-called Apple China press conference would be this way. It's too funny. The media source said. However, the only thing that made the present media gain was that they got the opportunity to experience new products at the first time

Apple announced that the two new iPhones will develop personalized service strategies based on the needs of different customer groups on September 20, and will be launched simultaneously in mainland China. This is also the first time in iPhone history that Chinese Mainland will be the initial market. The price of iphone5s in the mainland for 16gb/32gb/64gb is 5288 yuan, 6088 yuan and 6888 yuan respectively; The price of iphone5c16gb/32gb is 4488 yuan and 5288 yuan respectively

roast about colored plastic? Samsung laughed

Samsung, Apple's old enemy, has been criticized for persisting in using plastic fuselage on the Internet. Who would have expected apple to release a plastic version this time. A friend commented that Samsung was elated: Plastic = cheap

the high-end, atmospheric and high-grade fiberglass body, coupled with the classic dark black-and-white color matching, is the consistent feeling of iPhone. But from now on, all this has changed. 5S has more gold, which is the most popular among upstarts. 5C is colorful in yellow, pink, blue, white and green. With the body made of plastic, some friends lament how 5C feels like a fake machine

previously, almost everyone knew that Apple would offer a low price. The choice of price prediction software in the industry should be completely consistent with the actual sensor model; It will be about 3000 yuan. The final price of 4488 yuan was surprising. If it is a model that focuses on the middle and low-end market, the price is undoubtedly ridiculously high, and the configuration is too low-end

operators cooperate with China Unicom to launch simultaneous sales

in the domestic market, operator customization is undoubtedly the main sales channel of iPhone. China Unicom and Chinatelecom, which had previously established a partnership with apple, also began to rush to announce pre-sale information before and after Apple's release. Yesterday, after the press conference, China Unicom announced that it had launched the pre-sale of its products and said that it would officially launch the sale with apple on the 20th. Before that, Chinatelecom had actually started booking and said that it would be the first domestic operator to introduce iphone5s and 5C. It can be seen that Chinatelecom should also start selling at the same time

the most important cooperation news this time is the cooperation between China Mobile and apple. Although both sides have not announced cooperation matters, we can see from the telecommunications equipment entry license management center of the Ministry of industry and information technology that iphone5s and 5C entry licenses clearly indicate that there are products that support TD-LTE version, which undoubtedly shows that China Mobile's efforts to introduce iPhone over the years have finally worked, and apple has finally launched iPhone that supports China Mobile's 4G standard. However, since the two sides have not announced the cooperation, it is reported that the cooperation between the two sides may officially start in November

experts commented that marketing mistakes ruined Apple's efforts

Apple's efforts on products were completely destroyed by this bad marketing. Li Yi, Secretary General of China Mobile Internet industry alliance, said frankly in an interview that Apple's product confidentiality work was extremely poor this time. The outside world had long known the news about 5C, which was widely interpreted as a low-cost export version. Consumers who had long been preconceived were greatly disappointed after the new product price was announced

when it was time to keep the secret, apple failed to keep it, and did not come forward to clarify when rumors were widespread. I'm afraid 5C was destroyed by apple. Li Yi also believes that Apple's press conference in China is also a very failed announcement planning, drawing a tiger rather than a dog. Apple must have someone come forward to apologize to consumers and bear the responsibility

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