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Spain: a new type of plastic packaging can is about to be released.

according to a recent report in Spanish newspaper El Pais, costron has thus become the world's largest producer of polycarbonate resin. At the recent ispack international packaging and canning exhibition held in Barcelona h and removing residues from oil tanks, the technology of packaging cans with polymeric materials produced by a Spanish enterprise won a grand prize

cans produced with new plastics can extend the shelf life of food, for example, the shelf life of canned cream cold soup can be as long as one year. Josep toradas, a Spanish expert from DuPont, said: "this new material can cut off the way of air, sunlight, moisture or other microorganisms entering the container."

Ramon Katara of the Valencia Institute of Agricultural Chemistry and food technology, the promoter of this technology, said: "I 2. prohibit non operators from using the machine. Operators have made many important achievements in the laboratory, but only after entering the actual production stage can we prove whether this material can compete with canned products on the current market."

Katara also believes that there is no ideal canned material. From a hygienic point of view, the best material should be glass, but its biggest disadvantage is that it cannot resist the sun. Glass cans are too heavy, fragile and difficult to transport, so it is difficult to attract users, which also makes many enterprises turn their attention to new plastics

source: China Packaging

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