The hottest new pipe production line passed the ap

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The new pipe production line passed the appraisal. In December 2003, the pp-rg polypropylene pipe production line, a high-tech product independently developed by Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Huaming Machinery Co., Ltd., was tested by Jiangsu Light Industry Machinery Quality Supervision Station, which respectively designed the clamping part of the sample end and the shape supervision station of the chuck. All performance indicators met the requirements of 320582hmj1-2000; Tested by the national chemical building materials testing center, the PP-R pipes produced by this production line meet the requirements of iso-dis15874 standard

relevant experts believe that the advantages of special screws and machines used in the production line of the unit are very important for this utilization. The cylinder and die head spiral distribution system, and the co extrusion technology used in the marking line, have improved the quality and efficiency of products. The whole production line is tested according to the requirements of materials. It has high automation, compact structure, convenient operation, good plasticizing effect, and can effectively clear the memory function of materials. Our company has been in the forefront of the industry for so many years to produce experimental machines, eliminate pipe stress, and have uniform traction speed

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