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The proportion of domestic production and sales of high-quality steel is far behind the global average.

the proportion of domestic production and sales of high-quality steel is far behind the global average.

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Guide: 690u-tube is the crown product in the field of stainless steel, which is difficult to produce. There are only two or three enterprises in the world, mainly concentrated in Germany. High end metal materials are widely used. You may have heard of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and magnesium alloy, but this week we are going to talk about

690u-tube is the crown product in the field of stainless steel, which is "difficult to produce". There are only twoorthree enterprises in the world, mainly in Germany

high end metal materials are widely used

you may have heard of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and magnesium alloy. This week, we will talk about a special kind of steel, high-quality steel, which is very heavy in high-end metal materials but is not often contacted in life

high quality special steel refers to special steel varieties with higher performance, longer service life, environmental friendliness, high technology content and high added value

at the industry level, it represents the development direction of special steel materials, which is of great significance to ensure the construction of national major projects, improve the equipment manufacturing level, promote energy conservation and emission reduction and technological upgrading in related application fields, and is an important symbol of the overall industrial development level of a country

at present, the fields with great potential in the domestic special steel consumption market are engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, power station (nuclear power, thermal power), transportation machinery (including high-speed trains, automobiles, etc.), aviation, military industry and other industries

it is mentioned in the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of new material industry by the Ministry of industry and information technology to establish a base of high-quality steel. With Shanghai, Jiangyin, Jiangsu, etc. as the center, we will focus on building a comprehensive production base of high-quality special steel in East China. Rely on Anshan, Dalian and other old industrial bases to build a northeast high-quality special steel base. A number of specialized high-quality special steel production bases have been built in Taiyuan, Shanxi, Wuhan, Hubei, Wuyang, Henan and Tianjin

the supportive attitude of national policies towards high-quality steel can be seen

the output of 8million tons in 2015 is a hard injury due to backward technology.

high quality steel is the core and key material required for major equipment manufacturing, major engineering construction, strategic emerging industries and advanced national defense weapons. It is a new functional material and high-performance structural material

as high-quality special steel is used in the aircraft and shipbuilding fields, its most imaginative place is the theme of "Aerospace Military Industry" involving the production of fighter planes and aircraft carriers

the main key technologies of high-quality special steel include high cleanliness chemical metallurgy and precise control of chemical composition, cleanliness and uniformity control in solidification process, rolling (forging) process technology of high-quality special steel, research on subsequent finishing heat treatment technology, including organization control technology and defect detection control technology, application technology research and development of special steel varieties, construction of varieties, process flow, equipment The production demonstration line of testing technology integration promotes the overall progress of special steel technology

due to the complexity of its technology and the limitations of its application, the situation of high-quality steel has not been optimistic

according to the public data, the global production and consumption of special steel are mainly in China, Japan, the United States, South Korea and some EU countries, and its total production and consumption exceeds 70% of the global total

the proportion of special high-quality steel is an important indicator to reflect the development level of a country's iron and steel industry

at present, the proportion of special high-quality steel in the world is between 10% and 12%, of which Sweden accounts for the highest proportion, more than 70%. Germany ranks second with more than 30%, followed by Japan and Italy with more than 20%. The proportion of China is less than 10%, lower than the global level

industry analysts said, "The main reason for the low share of high-quality steel is the disconnection between learning and research and the lack of in-depth research and development. Enterprises, universities and R & D institutions are the main R & D centers. There is no good cooperation between these R & D departments. They are all independent interests, which usually leads to a waste of resources and repeated research. On the other hand, the direct relationship between enterprises and downstream users has not been well established, and patent applications are not enough."

the disconnection between enterprises and downstream users is also related to the application field of high-quality steel

"at present, domestic high-quality steel is mainly used in nuclear power, petrochemical industry and aviation, with limited R & D output and insufficient industry platform, which is not conducive to the increase of added value."

the lack of in-depth R & D is mainly reflected in the lack of R & D enterprises and core leading enterprises

according to the relevant data of the Institute of raw materials industry, CCID think tank of the Ministry of industry and information technology, from 2005 to 2010, the number of patent applications for high-quality special steel in China increased by 117, with an average annual growth rate of 34%

as a whole, some enterprises have formed a certain patent layout. In recent years, Baosteel, WISCO, Angang and other enterprises have entered the top 20 in the number of patent applications in the field of high-quality special steel in the world, and have formed a certain patent layout

however, from the perspective of patent application by enterprises, the total number of patent applications of the top 10 enterprises in China accounts for about 23% of the total number of patent applications of all enterprises, while the total number of patent applications of the top 10 leading enterprises in foreign countries can account for about 55% of the total number of applications of all enterprises in the computer industry

the overall core technology R & D capability is the bottleneck to be broken

"the enterprise should give priority to its own technical strength. The lithium-ion power battery has partially replaced the traditional battery in mobile phones, portable computers, video cameras, cameras, universities, scientific research institutes and other research institutions. Although last year was a year when Thailand's plastic machinery was largely replaced with limited resources such as material and financial resources, it also strengthened its contacts with downstream companies, established strategic alliances and realized cooperative development." The analysts said

"at the technical level, we should increase the added value of products, establish benchmarking enterprises, support small and medium-sized enterprises, create an industrial platform, focus on breaking through technical problems and achieve technological upgrading."

after the "12th Five Year Plan" for new materials, influenced by policies, in addition to traditional nuclear power and aviation, high-quality steel has also become a trend choice for automotive steel

it is mentioned in the plan that by 2015, an annual production capacity of 8million tons of high-quality steel will be formed to basically meet the needs of nuclear power, high-speed railway and other national key projects, as well as shipbuilding and offshore engineering, automobile, electric power and other industries for high-performance steel

this paper mainly discusses the investment and application of TISCO stainless, Baosteel and Jiuli special materials, the leading downstream enterprises of high-quality steel

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