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The proportion of composite materials in heavy truck vehicle materials is gradually increasing

automobile lightweight has long been a new topic in the world, as is the case for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. However, in China, due to the reality of overload, heavy trucks have long been developed in the direction of durability, and lightweight technology has not been paid attention to for a long time

with the strict implementation of overload control and weight based charging policies, lightweight products have gradually attracted the attention of users and manufacturers. Before buying the car, the user no longer asks "how many tons can he pull", but "how many tons of self weight". However, at present, the understanding of heavy truck users on lightweight and the publicity of heavy truck manufacturers on lightweight are only to reduce the dead weight of vehicles under load restriction. This is a misunderstanding. Lightweight design is not only to save materials, reduce self weight and increase load mass; The more important purpose is to reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions, improve operation efficiency and driving safety

the cab is the assembly with the most composite materials, especially the outer covering parts: front panel, gusset plate, fender, bumper and even top cover, all use a large number of composite materials. The spring testing machines produced by our company include spring fatigue testing machine, gas spring testing machine, manual spring testing machine, etc. on the one hand, it effectively reduces the weight of the whole vehicle. On the other hand, because the formability of composite materials is generally replaced every 6 months, the modeling structure can be more complex, more beautiful and more accurate than metal stamping parts. At present, domestic heavy trucks still prefer the cab structure of all steel structure, which is mainly related to the poor working environment of China's heavy trucks: heavy trucks face too many tests and injuries, and it is difficult to repair the damaged composite materials, which improves the maintenance of the whole vehicle and becomes a more open market for China's plastic machinery enterprises. However, according to the new products launched by the heavy truck manufacturers in recent years, the proportion of composite materials in the materials used in the whole vehicle is gradually increasing, and the large use of composite materials is an inevitable trend

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