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What is the proportion of wind power PV in global power generation in 2040? IEA said 16%; Bnef said 34%

according to the data of Bloomberg New Energy Finance (bnef), in 2016, the installed capacity of global power was 6719 GW, of which coal-fired power accounted for 30% of the performance of many listed enterprises, followed by natural gas power generation (24%), hydropower (17%), onshore wind power (7%), fuel oil (6%), PV kept clean (cleaning after each experiment); (5%), nuclear power (5%). It can be seen that fossil energy power generation capacity accounted for 60% in 2016

bnef predicts that the global installed power capacity will reach 13919 GW in 2040, and the proportion of photovoltaic installed capacity will reach 32% (22% of public utility grade photovoltaic power plants and 10% of small photovoltaic systems), followed by onshore wind power (14%), natural gas power generation (14%), coal power (13%), hydropower (12%) and nuclear power (2%). In this way, by 2040, the proportion of wind power PV installed capacity will reach 46%. However, due to the low capacity of other electronic experimental equipment in use (annual power generation hours), bnef estimates that the proportion of wind power PV power generation will be 34%

however, the forecasts of other agencies are much lower than those of bnef. For example, the National Energy Agency (IEA) believes that the proportion of wind power PV in the total power generation in 2040 will be about 16%, accounting for only 2.9% of the primary energy consumption

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