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On December 11, Beijing time, the proportion of BlackBerry smart sales in Verizon fell to 20%. According to foreign media reports, the proportion of BlackBerry smart sales in Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile operator in the United States, has dropped rapidly from 90% a year ago to less than 20%, because Verizon's Andr escorts the hot sales of oid smart for your work

itg investment research analyst Matthew Goodman released a survey report that just a year ago, RIM BlackBerry accounted for 90% of Verizon smart sales. However, due to the hot sales of Android smart, the proportion of BlackBerry has dropped to less than 20%

the rapid decline of BlackBerry's share in Verizon's smart sales stems from last winter, when Verizon launched Motorola's first major androiddroid. In fact, before Verizon began to sell the Motorola Droid, Android only accounted for a small proportion of Verizon's smart sales. Verizon also sold several windows mobile smart phones

BlackBerry Storm failure

however, since 2010, Verizon has operated a number of Android, hoping to attract more data consumption contracts, which is the goal that BlackBerry and windows mobile intelligence failed to achieve in 2009

rim launched BlackBerry Storm in november2008, which not only failed to prevent the decline of BlackBerry sales in Verizon, but also prompted Verizon to shift its sales focus to Android. Facts have proved that the market performance of Verizon's Android smart phone is quite excellent, which can be compared with the iPhone exclusively operated by competitor at&t

however, Verizon has not publicly acknowledged the failure of blackberry storm. In Verizon's announcement at that time, Verizon pointed out: "consumers all over the country lined up to buy the new BlackBerry Storm. This provides users with a reliable Verizon Wireless 3G network, as well as a revolutionary touch screen and multimedia intelligent experience."

although Verizon said in its statement that the BlackBerry Storm sold well, in fact, it encountered many problems at the beginning of its launch, and its number of users did not even reach one fifth of that of the 3G iPhone. The BlackBerry Storm2 launched by rim last year also failed to attract enough attention from Verizon. However, when the ultraviolet wavelength reached more than 380 nm, Verizon had devoted its main marketing efforts in 2010 to Android 2.0 intelligence represented by Motorola Droid

John Paczkowski, columnist of Wall Street, said that last year, the smart sales performance of BlackBerry tour/bold series was poor, and the launch time of the new BlackBerry Storm was not determined, so the sales of BlackBerry in Verizon will continue to decline further. It is reported that Verizon believes that RIM's latest BlackBerry OS 6 operating system will not have a "substantial impact" on its business

android market lacks leader

although BlackBerry sales in Verizon continue to decline, rim is still Verizon's second largest smart seller. The reason is that although the overall sales volume of Android is dominated by Verizon, a: the current power grid is relatively stable, but these Android come from many different hardware manufacturers

lg is Verizon's third largest Android vendor, ranking fourth in overall sales. Moreover, one third of Verizon's non intelligent sales come from LG, and LG has only started selling Android smart products this summer

similarly, although Samsung is the fourth largest Android seller in Verizon, more than a quarter of Verizon's non intelligent products come from Samsung, and Samsung only started selling Android intelligent products in the third quarter of this year. Last month, Samsung also began selling the Galaxy Tab tablet, a competitive product of Apple's iPad. Tencent Technology

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