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In 2050, renewable energy accounts for more than 60% of primary energy consumption, but if it is used too frequently, the proportion of renewable energy accounts for more than 60% of primary energy consumption in 2050.

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[China paint information] on September 15," the International Seminar on power transformation: scenarios and approaches for a high proportion of renewable energy in 2050 "was held in Beijing. The national renewable energy center and the energy foundation jointly introduced the preliminary research results of the project "Research on the development scenarios and approaches of China's high proportion of renewable energy in 2050". The research results show that China can achieve a high proportion of renewable energy development in 2050 or earlier, that is, renewable energy accounts for more than 60% of primary energy consumption, and renewable energy power generation accounts for about 80% of the electricity consumption of the whole society

while China's economy is developing at a high speed, the ecological and environmental problems are also becoming increasingly prominent. The energy consumption of enterprises has increased sharply, and fossil energy such as coal and oil are the main energy consumption. 60 years after the haze caused by the use of other plant fibers in London in 1952, the severe haze in China in 2013 once again attracted the attention of the world. For economic development, China's energy demand or primary energy supply will reach a peak around 2040. On the other hand, the huge consumption of fossil energy and its non renewable nature lead to the gradual depletion of fossil energy. Xudingming, counsellor of the State Council, said on the 15th that the energy revolution is imminent and is no longer an option. Vigorously developing renewable energy is not only a research topic, but also an inevitable direction of the future energy structure

wangzhongying, director of the national renewable energy center, introduced whether the idea that renewable energy will become the dominant energy in 2050 can be realized. The dominant position of renewable energy instead of fossil energy in energy supply has been gradually achieved over time. Research shows that the total coal consumption will gradually decline from 2018 to 2020. The research shows that the key to the practice of Chinese energy production and consumption revolution is the transformation of power system. The core industries of power are wind power and solar energy. At this stage, the cost of solar energy has decreased by 80% in the past five years. The economic cost of such clean energy will no longer be an obstacle to the development of sustainable energy. The installed capacity of wind power and solar energy will also increase year by year, and the speed will show a rapid growth trend in the medium term, and finally meet 80% of the renewable energy power supply demand in 2050. In view of the flexibility of renewable energy use, the organic combination and coordinated development of energy storage, smart electricity and information industry can be used as a support

the study takes 2010 as the base year. By 2050, it is estimated that the average annual GDP will increase by 5% in the 40 years, reaching 282trillion yuan in 2050, and the per capita GDP will reach 30000 US dollars/person. In the primary energy supply required for economic development, only about 7billion tons of standard coal, about 500million tons per capita, are required. The use of clean renewable energy can not only have a beneficial impact on China's ecological environment, reduce the use of coal by 40% to 4.2 billion tons, reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide by 40% and 55% respectively. In addition, it can create 5.6 million jobs in the future and drive the output value of other industries by 7.6 trillion yuan

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