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Decoration is also called decoration or decoration. It refers to a complete set of construction schemes and design schemes based on certain design concepts and aesthetic rules, which are carried out in a certain area and scope, including hydropower construction, walls, floors, ceilings, landscapes, etc. Everything from furniture placement and door orientation to customized room accessories and lamps are the embodiment of decoration. However, in reality, many owners will have a question, which season to choose for decoration? Can you decorate it in winter

winter is the peak of house delivery, and many owners hope to finish the decoration as soon as possible and live in a new home before the new year. However, if you want to move into a new home before the new year, decoration must be unavoidable. As the saying goes: “ It is not suitable to decorate in winter ”, The weather in winter is cold and windy, which is not suitable for house decoration. Therefore, many business owners are in a wait-and-see state. Today, Xiaobian will take you to discuss whether it should be decorated in winter, what are the advantages and disadvantages of decoration, and what problems should be paid attention to in winter decoration

I. advantages of decoration in winter

1 Save more money

according to the experience of price rise in recent years, workers' wages and material prices will rise to a certain extent after each new year. If the decoration is carried out at the end of the year, the building materials business will have certain discounts and profits at the end of the year for clearing the warehouse, so the building materials cost can be saved. And by signing a good contract with the workers at the end of the year, the price rise in the second year will be avoided

2. The service is more considerate

winter is the off-season for decoration. Designers must not have much work on hand, so the design scheme can be more perfect. Workers don't have much work to do at the end of the year, so they can be more attentive when decorating. As the saying goes: slow work makes fine work

3. Paint effect

the effect of painting in winter decoration is the best. Because the door frame will be closed tightly during decoration in winter, which is more able to reduce dust and avoid too much dust from being adsorbed on the paint, so as to achieve the best paint effect, which will eventually affect the whole decoration effect

II. Decoration shortcomings in winter

1 Harmful gases are difficult to volatilize

because doors and windows are rarely opened for ventilation in winter, harmful gases are difficult to volatilize. Some harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, are released more when the temperature is lower

2. Coating is difficult to dry

the coating is difficult to dry in winter, which leads to cracks on the wall. In winter, due to less ventilation, low temperature and weak sunlight, the coating is difficult to dry. It usually needs to be placed for a day or two, which is prone to small cracks

3. The decoration time in winter is long

because the days in winter are shorter and the nights are longer than those in other seasons, the construction time of workers will be greatly reduced. At the same time, low temperature will also cause the drying speed to slow down, thus delaying the construction period

III. pay special attention to the following contents in winter decoration

1. Use glue to ensure room temperature

in winter decoration, because the temperature is relatively low, pay special attention to the construction of glue. If the construction is improper, the glue is difficult to dry, and the construction period will be delayed. Almost all the glue contains chemical components, which will spread slowly if it dries slowly, affecting the indoor air quality

to make the glue play its due role, it is necessary to maintain the normal state of the glue and the room temperature of 5 degrees above zero

2. Cement plus antifreeze

during winter construction, once the mixed cement is cooled, it may fail. If the bricks have been pasted and encounter a sudden drop in temperature, it will seriously affect the cement strength and threaten the quality of the project. In addition, low temperature will also lengthen the setting time of cement, which is detrimental to the construction period

cement plus antifreeze is a common method of decoration in winter. In addition, where cement is used, attention must be paid to thermal insulation, especially when bricks have been pasted, and the temperature suddenly drops, which is most likely to affect the strength of cement. When tiling the balcony of the villa, a layer of external thermal insulation material should be added to cover it, so as to achieve double insurance

3. Paint must be thoroughly dry.

when decorating, paint three times, one layer of primer and two layers of finish paint. In this process, it is most taboo to start painting the next layer before the previous layer is completely dry. In winter, the temperature is low, the water evaporation is slow, and the paint naturally dries slowly. If you do not pay attention when painting, it is difficult to ensure the aesthetics and project quality

therefore, when painting, let the last layer of paint dry and form a film, and then brush it for the second time, so as not to affect the project quality in order to rush the construction period

4. Leave enough gaps on the floor

the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction should also be considered in winter decoration. In winter, many timbers have shrunk in warehouses and during transportation. Therefore, after the floor is transported home, it must be placed for a day or two to make the wood adapt to the temperature at home, and then begin to lay the floor, so that the floor will not be deformed and cracked due to excessive temperature difference

in addition, due to the different temperatures in four seasons, the gap should be left larger when paving the floor in winter to prevent possible “ Thermal expansion ” Hidden danger

5. Wood needs to pay attention to moisture preservation

winter decoration. The impact on wood is mainly manifested in temperature and humidity. Too low or too high temperature will cause adverse reactions of wood, curling and even cracking. In particular, at present, the products of various manufacturers in the wood market have a wide variety of products with mixed quality. It is suggested that consumers should choose some well-known brands. When staring at the site, the owner should communicate with the construction team in time. The main materials, especially the large core board and wood keel, should be prepared in advance, and it is best to place them in the room with heating equipment for three to five days, so that the moisture content of the wood is close to the level of the house, so as to avoid deformation in the future

6. Timely oil sealing of woodworking products

the decorative board used for decoration in winter is at the driest time, so its surface is very easy to crack after fabrication. At the beginning, the cracking may not be obvious, but if the painters do not keep up with the oil sealing (paint sealing) work in time, it is easy to cause the cracking of the veneer on the surface of the decorative panel, which is not only unsightly, but also affects the service life. For the wood wire used as trimming, its moisture content is higher than that of the decorative panel. The surface of the wood wire should also be sealed as soon as possible after processing, otherwise it will shrink and affect the appearance of the decorative panel. Therefore, consumers staring at the construction site are reminded to pay special attention to the fact that the wood used for supervision cannot be stored in the open air at this time, and after entering the construction site, it should not be placed next to the tuyere or heating. After the production is completed, the workers should be reminded to finish sealing the oil as soon as possible, so as to isolate the volatilization of water and play a protective role in the later stage

7. Pay attention to keep warm during construction

the temperature is low in winter. If the plastering, puttying, tiling and other working surfaces are frozen, there will be hollowing and other problems. Therefore, the owner who is staring at the construction site should be reminded that it is best not to work in the open air, whether it is bricklayer mixing mortar or oiler spraying various paints, and should operate in strict accordance with the temperature in the product description. Pay more attention to oil work “ Keep warm ”, The doors and windows can be opened for ventilation only after they are fully dry, and attention should be paid not to let sand fall on the dry paint surface

8. Pay attention to the time and range of opening windows

apply putty or wallpaper on the top of the wall, dry it naturally in the shade, and do not open doors and windows widely to prevent rapid water loss from affecting construction and deformation. The time of opening windows for ventilation is also exquisite: it is best to choose between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., during which the temperature is relatively higher, which can prevent the newly painted putty from freezing. If there are large holes or depressions in the wall, it is best to use gypsum powder and latex to mix and flatten the wall. When there is a large crack on the wall, double paste kraft paper on some places and then apply putty. When the area is large, it is best to paste cloth and then apply putty, so as to ensure the smoothness and non cracking of the wall

that's all about winter decoration. If you're hesitant to decorate in winter, you can combine the above knowledge and measure it again. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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