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Too cheap cabinet! Why can't you buy it? You'll know after reading it

the cabinets in the market are so cheap

1000 yuan, buy a cabinet...

1000 yuan, buy a cabinet, and give a bedside cabinet as a gift

1000 yuan, the whole set of solid wood cabinets will be moved home

is it tempting


are you interested in such a cheap cabinet

however, xiaonijun should buy this kind of cabinet carefully

why don't you buy cabinets that are too cheap

first of all, if you go to the relatively cheap cabinet stores, you will find 800 or 900 yuan cabinets everywhere. Is it really so cheap? How can this cabinet store make a profit? How much is the cost of materials? Is there any guarantee for post service

if you buy a cabinet with a very low price, what kind of cabinet is it? Let's not calculate the rent, design and installation costs, after-sales service costs of the cabinet store... Let's calculate the cost of materials first? (isn't this the most popular account for consumers?) Cabinets, door panels, hardware, these are not from the sky, they all need money to buy. Of course, these are good or bad, but at present and most of the cabinets, door panels and hardware seen in the market can still be used, so it is not so easy to break down. The quality of the cabinet is good. Even if it is produced in a small factory, the supply price will not be too cheap. Do you think that kind of cabinet with too low price can be bought

in fact, with regard to cabinets, Xiaobian believes that in addition to the cost of materials, labor costs also account for a large part. The rise in labor costs in the past two years is well known, including design costs, costs of various links of production, installation costs, after-sales service costs, etc. When buying cabinets, you definitely buy more than a set of products. Because of the particularity of customization, you buy a set of systematic services and solutions, so you can't just look at the price and quality of products, but also the soft services of this brand cabinet. Because of the professionalism, particularity and complexity of all aspects of cabinets, many people always think that selling cabinets is a very high profit thing, but they don't know that this is to earn money from selling cabbage and sell white flour. There are many examples around. A friend spent tens of thousands of yuan on a brand of cabinets before, and felt it was very expensive. The boss made a lot of money. Later, he decided to sell the store, but later, let alone make money. Everyone was tired... A handful of bitter tears

you'll have to pay it back sooner or later. As long as you don't want to be greedy for big bargains, you can't suffer big losses. Everyone knows this truth, but are you still greedy? Be responsible for the health of yourself and your family, and for your future life...

just say it silently: don't buy cabinets with too low prices. Of course, if conditions permit, try to buy at a reasonable price, one price, one goods, never wrong, the RMB will recognize the goods

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