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The bedroom is the main place for people to rest, so we should pay attention to the decoration. Because the quality of bedroom space decoration directly affects people's sleep quality. Only with good sleep quality can we work better and be of great help to our health. But generally speaking, people pay more attention to the design of the background wall in bedroom decoration. So what principles should be followed in the design of the bedroom background wall

how to design the background wall of the bedroom

1 Application of color

there are several commonly used colors for the background wall of the bedroom. If the wall is mainly gray white, and other items choose lavender or pink, you can achieve a beautiful and elegant effect; You can also choose pink or blue. In short, different colors create different effects and atmosphere

2. Design trend

at present, there are many ideas for the design of the bedroom background wall, such as fashion series, space series and antique series. Leaving the fashionable elements and trendy things of decoration on the bedroom background wall can add a unique visual sense to the bedroom

three principles of bedroom background wall design

1 The bedroom is a warm and romantic place in the whole home, and a fashionable and simple background wall can make the finishing point for the whole room. Some principles of formal beauty of elements such as point, line and surface can be applied in design to make its shape harmonious, unified and full of changes

2. In the color selection of the background wall, it is appropriate to be harmonious and elegant. Of course, we should also be cautious about the collocation of local primary colors. Generally, more stable tones will be more popular. For example, the green department will be more lively and vibrant, the pink department will be more cheerful and soft, the blue department will be cool and romantic, while the gray or tan department will be smart and elegant, and the enthusiasm of the Yellow department will be full of a warm atmosphere

3. In addition, the design of the bedroom background wall should not be too complex or luxurious. In fact, a simple soft bag background wall can make people feel warm. People photos seem a little out of date, but a simple but mysterious Abstract hand-painted background wall will make your bedroom look artistic

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