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In today's decoration, no matter who sees it at first sight, it must be wooden doors, so it is very important to choose an atmospheric wooden door. As the facade of the home, choosing wooden doors in decoration is important for many doors, not only the style of wooden doors, but also the material and style of wooden doors. Therefore, how important is the position of solid wood doors in home decoration? How to choose solid wood doors in the end? Because everyone's point of view is different, but it is important to choose a solid wood door that must match the style of the home

pay attention to the quality of solid wood doors. How to choose a solid wood door with good quality and low price? First, look at the weight of the wooden door, and then look at the quality of the door core of the solid wood door. Generally, the weight of the solid wood door with good quality is between 35-40kg. Generally, the weight of the wooden door with a little weight will be better

for example, the durability of door jambs directly affects the use of wooden doors. At present, many solid wood door manufacturers use MDF door jambs with good surface flatness, but they also have certain disadvantages, such as poor nail holding ability, easy loosening of screws after tightening, and easy swelling if moisture-proof is not done well. For the choice of door jambs, it is recommended to choose solid wood door jambs, which are not only high in strength and not easy to deform, but also have a lot of sound insulation and moisture-proof effects

generally, the hardware used for brand solid wood doors is stainless steel, and the aluminum alloy handle has bright and matte. Some aluminum alloy handles look very good and shiny. In fact, the surface is not oxidized. This kind of door handle is very beautiful at first, but because it is not oxidized, the aluminum is relatively soft, so it is very easy to scratch. Aluminum alloy handles that have been oxidized are not shiny, have many colors, and have no reflective feeling. Only in this way can they be more durable, and there will be no safety problems

special attention should be paid to families with children. Stainless steel handles will be easier to take care of and economical and durable. Although matte aluminum handles are more scratch resistant than stainless steel, they are still lower in hardness than steel, and the core strength is not enough. If you have children at home, you might consider using stainless steel handles

when buying wooden doors, you still need to pay attention to the style of home decoration. When choosing a good wooden door, you need to pay attention to the kind of wooden door with clean appearance and unified style, so that it can better match our overall home decoration. There are many styles. You can also choose according to your own style. For example, the entry door needs a solid and thick solid wooden door, and the bedroom door needs silence, Create a quiet environment for our rest area. For kitchen and bathroom doors, you can choose those solid wood doors with glass, which have a good appearance and are unified with the overall home decoration




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