Why do push-pull franchisees have trouble

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Nowadays, the opening of building materials companies cannot be separated from the participation of agents. Working in sliding doors, many profits and effects come from sliding door agents. It can be said that agents have played a very important role in the opening of sliding doors. However, agents also have "difficulties". Although the number of groups is large, the right to speak is not proportional to the number of internships. Especially when delivering goods, it still depends on the manufacturer's production cycle, which makes many push-pull agents "have difficulties"

the manufacturer's delivery cycle does not keep its promise. The agent "has words of hardship"

the delivery cycle in the push-pull sliding door mall, depending on the type of sliding door, needs to end within a certain time range. Assuming that it is in a county-level city, assuming that the spot inventory is large, it can be delivered in spot (many county-level city shopping malls widely recognize the method of delivery in spot); If it is a custom sliding door, the delivery time is usually long

in the process of selling the originals during the internship, most consumers can bear the delivery cycle. After all, the purchase of sliding doors is carried out during the house decoration, or even before the decoration. As long as they can arrive on time, there will be no doubt at all. But what the agent is afraid of is that after the delivery commitment period, the goods have not arrived yet. At this time, if the customer makes trouble, it is a small matter to delay the compensation. The key is that the reputation in the mall will be affected. Then, how can the delivery cycle promised by the manufacturer to the agent not end

light and peak seasons affect the supply cycle

push-pull sliding door sales are also divided into cold seasons and peak seasons. Even if the company produces and supplies normally, and can coordinate production talents according to different cycles, there will still be different supply cycles in practice. Therefore, those agents with experience and seniority usually order in advance according to the time, or use contact to "jump in the queue" to get the goods in advance, while other agents can only think about how to go to tangsai consumers

push-pull sliding door companies need to consider the interests of agents in attracting investment

it is a common thing for push-pull sliding door companies to attract investment, but if the company does not estimate its own production capacity and blindly expand the mall, the effect will have to be borne by the agents. This effect is fundamentally that the company will attract too much investment for a while, the effect cannot be supplied in time, the agents cannot take delivery, cannot tell consumers, and bring piles of complaints

this kind of situation is rare in the work. Most of them coincide with the company's new product series. Because the new product has a running in period in terms of production cycle and raw material storage, once the new product is sought after by agents and the manufacturer has not finished the running in of new product production, then the question of production lag will appear briefly. In this case, the better effect is that the manufacturers and agents can gradually slow down, and the worst case is that the agents and manufacturers end their cooperation, and the new stores will soon shrink

Guanhao doors and windows believes that as for the agents of sliding doors, they need to face the company in many ways before joining the sliding door company to understand, so as to prevent them from meeting irresponsible manufacturers. They must polish their eyes and make a selection after careful selection, so as to prevent being "cheated"




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