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530 incredibly home Yuquan camp "store welcomes" 10000 people "wins" million "homes and businesses!

530 incredibly home Yuquan camp" store welcomes "10000 people" wins "million" homes and businesses!

activity time: 09:00-20:00, May 30, 2015 (shock 660 minutes)

detailed rules of the activity:

first, you are the winner of 10 million subsidies

unexpectedly, the home specially approves direct subsidies, and the whole line of products is 3 fold! Reduce 200 yuan after discount! There is nothing like this

customers who apply for silver tickets can use 200 yuan in cash after the discount of the participating brands! (each brand can only be used once, and special products cannot be used)

2. Give it when it's full.

macbook air/iphone6/ipadmini give it when it's full on the day of the event, until it's finished

third, the whole point cash back surprise continues

at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 on May 30, 40 cash awards up to 1888 yuan will be sent

a lottery ticket can be obtained if the consumption in the brand participating in the event is more than 3000 yuan (including), and so on. The top is not capped

IV. The ultimate luxury gift wins in the fact that 100 top-notch luxury gifts such as

20g gold bars, Apple laptops, three door refrigerators, Xiaomi routers, air conditioning fans, intelligent floor sweeping robots, etc. are constantly pumping out

during the activity, you can participate once after spending 3000 yuan (including), with constant surprises and endless smoking, so that you can have everything in your home appliances

v. race against time for super free orders

9:00-12:00 on May 30, super free orders for 3 hours! 4999 yuan free grand prize waiting for you, 100% winning! Unlimited amount

from 9:00 to 12:00 on the day of the event, all customers who pay in the event brand can participate in the free lottery. The 4999 yuan free lottery awaits you, 100% of the winners

VI. you can catch all the cash in the sky

100000 cash, flying all over the sky, you can catch as much as you want

during the event, you can participate in the event once with a consumption of more than 5000 yuan (inclusive), twice with a consumption of more than 10000 yuan, three times with a consumption of more than 15000 yuan, and the top is set for three times

VII. Joint purchase cash back to 10000 win-win

on the day of the event, customers who consume more than three brands in the event brand can get 300 yuan in cash, and customers who consume more than five brands can get 600 yuan in cash. (the paid in amount of each brand is more than 3000 yuan)

VIII. A 1 yuan installer must win.

a 1 yuan buyout product is sold back to Beijing. You can see the unexpected price here

IX. benefit the world. Welcome to the store

8800 electric kettle with silver ticket





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