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In February this year, the State Council officially approved the "12th Five Year Plan" for comprehensive prevention and control of heavy metal pollution, specifying the goal of prevention and control of heavy metal pollution, that is, by 2015, a relatively complete heavy metal pollution prevention and control system, accident emergency system and environment and health risk assessment system will be established to solve a number of outstanding problems that damage people's health; Further optimize the industrial structure related to heavy metals, and basically curb the high incidence of sudden heavy metal pollution incidents; The emission of key heavy metal pollutants in key areas decreased by 15% compared with that in 2007. The emission of key heavy metal pollutants in non key areas did not exceed the level in 2007. Heavy metal pollution was effectively controlled

total monitoring indicators increased from 2 to 4. In march2011, the fourth session of the 11th 400MPa National People's Congress deliberated and adopted the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development, which proposed that by 2015, the total emission of major pollutants would be significantly reduced, chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions would be reduced by 8% respectively, ammonia nitrogen The emission of nitrogen oxides will be reduced by 10% respectively (the corresponding requirement of the eleventh five year plan is to reduce the total emission of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand by 10%)

key points of pollution prevention and control let's take a look at how to maintain and protect the three environmental elements of water, air and soil that change the application area of the experimental machine. In april2011, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the 2011 national key points for pollution prevention and control. In order to successfully complete the arduous tasks during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the pollution prevention and control work should focus on the three environmental factors of water, air and soil, highlight the three categories of pollutants of heavy metals, chemicals and hazardous wastes, and make full use of the environmental protection target system to assess and create an environmental protection model city at the two levels of watershed area and pollution source, Requirements for the use of universal tensile testing machine fixture: comprehensively improve the environmental quality and gradually improve the environmental satisfaction of the public

we expect that the main environmental protection indicators in the 12th Five Year Plan will be greatly upgraded compared with the 11th five year plan, and the corresponding environmental protection investment of the whole society is expected to grow at a high speed again. The investment in environmental protection of the whole society during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period and the Tenth Five Year Plan period has doubled compared with the Tenth Five Year Plan period and the Ninth Five Year Plan period respectively. 2. The inner width of the main ring is not less than 1.2 times the maximum width of the hook section. In order to ensure the completion of the environmental protection objectives of the 12th Five Year Plan, we expect that the whole society's environmental protection investment during the 12th Five Year Plan period is expected to continue the high-speed growth in the early stage

it is a leader in subdividing the field, and divides the environmental monitoring into three categories: atmosphere, water and soil from the monitoring object. Generally, the monitoring system is used to continuously monitor the main environmental protection indicators of the atmospheric and water environment, which is divided into two types of monitoring applications: the large environment (urban air quality and river basin water quality) and the small environment (waste gas and waste water from pollution source enterprises). Heavy metal detection instruments or chemical analyzers are generally used to monitor the harmful elements or substances in the soil. From the perspective of market capacity, the small environmental monitoring system is larger than the large environmental monitoring system (the planning for soil and heavy metal monitoring is introduced for the first time, and its demand belongs to the incremental market, but the capacity is difficult to calculate at present). Among the three listed companies, spotlight technology is leading in China in terms of small environmental water and gas monitoring systems, pioneer environmental protection is leading in China in terms of large environmental monitoring systems (urban air quality monitoring and water quality monitoring), and Tianrui instrument is leading in China in terms of metal element analysis

Tianrui instrument: with excellent R & D strength, it has the first mover advantage in soil metal element monitoring, and the downstream application market will be gradually opened. The company has mastered the core technology, excellent R & D strength and accumulated for many years. Its X-ray fluorescence spectrometer products have obvious advantages in the field of heavy metal detection in China. The handheld instruments have the characteristics of miniaturization and on-site. At the same time, a variety of analytical and testing instruments with stronger versatility and applicability, such as various spectrometers, mass spectrometers and chromatographs, are ready to emerge. We expect the company's annual fully diluted EPS to be 0.86 yuan, 1.18 yuan and 1.59 yuan respectively; The closing price of the company on July 7, 2011 was 25.86 yuan, corresponding to 30.07 times, 21.92 times and 16.26 times of annual PE respectively; Maintain the "overweight" rating

spotlight Technology: its business covers on-site monitoring, data transmission and system integration. It has market advantages in small environment water and gas monitoring, and has broad space for expansion in safety monitoring and system integration

with advanced detection and information software technology and products as the core, the company provides comprehensive solutions of analysis, measurement, information and operation and maintenance services for environmental protection, industrial process, public safety and industrial safety. Its water and gas monitoring system is in a leading position in the field of domestic industrial process and pollution source monitoring, and there is a broad space for the development of subsequent project operation and maintenance, information integration and safety monitoring system. We expect the company's annual fully diluted EPS to be 0.48 yuan, 0.70 yuan and 0.95 yuan respectively; The closing price of the company on July 7, 2011 was 17.18 yuan, corresponding to 35.79 times, 24.54 times and 17.90 times of annual PE respectively; "Overweight" rating was given for the first time

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