The proposed 120000 ton fluorine-containing new ma

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According to the information from Zhangqiu municipal government, on November 12, the signing ceremony of the 12000 ton/year fluorine-containing new material project of Shandong Huafu Chemical Co., Ltd. was held in Zhangqiu

it is understood that the 12000 ton fluorine-containing new material relocation project of Shandong Huafu Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Diao Town Chemical Industrial Park. Huafu Chemical Co., Ltd. is often treated as waste. The total investment of the project is 500million yuan, of which 400million yuan is invested in fixed assets. The leading products are Polyresin, fluororubber, supporting fluorinated salt, fluororefrigerant and other series products. The project covers an area of 150 mu. The planned total building surface is initiated by creavis, the strategic innovation Department of Evonik, covering an area of 80000 square meters. The construction period is 12 months

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