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How do small and medium-sized printing enterprises in Guangzhou spend the winter in the cold economic current

last winter, although the haze of the subprime mortgage crisis had appeared, what people thought most at that time was that the worst moment had passed; But a year later, when the financial tsunami caused by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers swept the world, many people exclaimed that the worst time to accurately measure the deformation of pipes had not yet come. The financial crisis in the United States seems to have brought us into a cold winter overnight. Although the impact of the financial storm on the domestic financial industry is limited, for many small and medium-sized processing trade enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, the real winter is indeed coming

for printing and packaging enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, the cold wave seems to be approaching. The subprime mortgage crisis has affected export demand, RMB appreciation, rising paper and labor costs, and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong have closed down. Nearly 15000 printing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta are facing difficulties. The peak season of printing industry ends in October. It is expected that a large number of printing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, will fall into bankruptcy

the author learned at the recent annual meeting of Guangzhou printing and Packaging Association that compared with the printing and packaging enterprises in other cities in the Pearl River Delta, the living conditions of enterprises in Guangzhou industry are still ideal. At present, only constant stress requires measuring the gauge distance of the specimen stretched to a given stress, and a few enterprises have closed down. Most enterprise bosses are very optimistic about the economic outlook and believe that half a year later will be the spring of the industry. At the forum, entrepreneurs in the industry have responded to the current economic cold wave. The friction coefficient of enterprise plastic film is a major goal. President Jiaguan believes that under the financial crisis, the most important task for small and medium-sized enterprises is to maintain stable development, do not spend money and invest indiscriminately, and do business without stopping. President Pan said at the forum that enterprises should pay attention to human resources and employee management, and a contractual relationship should be established between the boss and employees, paying attention to employees in every position; In addition, we should pay attention to the recruitment and training of technical personnel, carry out enterprise technology upgrading and integration in China's plastic machinery market, extend the lifeline of enterprises and maintain competitiveness

chenjianzhen, Secretary General of Guangzhou packaging and printing industry association, said that in the face of the winter of printing and packaging, the association actively took measures to actively cooperate with relevant departments to help enterprises find space for cooperation and development in domestic and foreign markets. In the past work, the association has strengthened its service, actively communicated with all sectors of society, deepened the emotional communication with members, and truly become an entrepreneur's home

Secretary General Chen said that the association will better play the role of a bridge between enterprises and the government and serve all enterprises in the association. She suggested that enterprises should not invest too much in special periods, pay attention to steady investment, improve internal skills, accumulate strength, and start again at the most appropriate time. At the same time, Secretary General Chen hoped that the relevant government departments would listen to the voices of small and medium-sized enterprises, guide enterprises correctly from the direction, and take substantive work against the specific problems faced by enterprises; Give support in policy and pay attention to measures to help small and medium-sized enterprises tide over difficulties

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