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A seven-year-old dealer of the lighting manufacturer has something to say to you

Abstract: manufacturers should have reasonable profits. The rules of the game. Of course, the reasonable profit here is relative. We wholesale to the following customers, but also to profit, no profit can I give him? Products are like character, being a person is like being a lamp

Hello, everyone. PVC and CPE are produced by byk-c 8003 Co., Ltd. of Qingdao Haijing Chemical Group. I became a monk in the lighting industry in 2010. At the beginning, I just made a single lighting brand focusing on home furnishing. At that time, the market was easier to do than today. I didn't do anything else, completely behind closed doors

after a few years, I found that the boss who worked as a wholesaler in the same time as me made rapid progress, so I realized that I still needed to diversify. I won't talk about this content for the time being. I mainly want to talk about my views and feelings between wholesalers and manufacturers

what I'm looking for is the product of aisle light. This factory has an exhibition hall in the ancient town, which is rented with people (there are many "manufacturers" operating in this way in the ancient town). After a long time of cooperation, I found that this factory has many customers in my area, and the price is not protected, so I have no advantage

as a channel, it's brand monopoly. Based on the above reasons, we didn't cooperate anymore. Later, I found a downlight factory. After cooperation, there were also frequent problems, such as no own style, long delivery cycle, price, etc

my experience in cooperating with these small-scale manufacturers is: no brand awareness, no channel protection, no price protection, no differentiated products, slow delivery, quality one batch, no consistency, no after-sales guarantee, no after-sales if you don't purchase, a lot of problems

a few years ago, after being recommended by friends, I began to make bulbs. At that time, the advantages of this brand of bulbs were obvious (style, quality, price), and the manufacturers also distributed goods. I'm relieved to make them. That year, I went a little bit, and there were some twists and turns in the middle, but I still cooperate until now, and I feel happy

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cooperate with this bulb factory, which makes me feel that manufacturers should have brand awareness, research and development ability (at least they should be able to open a mold), sincere support for channel merchants, and perfect protection policies

many manufacturers do not take a long-term view, regardless of the size of the factory. Often take people by quantity, speak by strength, quality and price are not proportional, blossom everywhere, kill the goose to lay the egg, and discredit

now products have a shelf life of more than two years, two years! It's hard to say what will happen to the manufacturer two years later, but what about our middleman? Maybe a batch of problem goods have broken the business chain for several years, and it is difficult for us to develop a customer

say something: when I was talking about cooperation with a retailer, they said: take the first batch of goods as the quality assurance deposit, and return it after two years of non cooperation. Like this way of cooperation, even if you are profiteering, do you dare to cooperate with him

what about the manufacturer? What do you take for "warranty"? Don't say you have no profit. The price of the product is what you say. The profit is under your control, and the quality is also under your control. Don't say that I'm pressing your price. You won't do it for me without profit. Do it hard and ignore after-sales. Is it mine

last time I went to a bubble factory, I asked the boss, your bubble price is so low, can you guarantee two years? What if it breaks down in less than two years? The boss is also honest, saying that the bulb of this process has a life of one year at most. There's no way. The market is like this. People can guarantee it for two years, but we can only guarantee it for two years. Sell it first

sell it? Isn't this laying mines for others? It's rich in content

products that are cheap are not good, but products with high prices are not necessarily worth that price. Some products have falsely high prices. I don't know whether the product cost is high or the profit is too "violent". I have never maliciously pressed prices in cooperation with manufacturers, but some manufacturers overdraw their integrity, giving me problems and making their own "business path" tortuous

I think manufacturers should have reasonable profits. The rules of the game. Of course, the reasonable profit here is relative. We wholesale to the following customers, but also to profit, no profit can I give him? Products are like character, being a person is like being a lamp! This is what I really want to say

the topic I mentioned is simple and complex. Whether you are a manufacturer or a business, you may as well think about it! I believe that with a positive heart, we can go far

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