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How do Europeans see China's accession to the WTO

at the WTO Ministerial Conference held in the capital of Qatar today, China will be admitted as a member of the WTO, which is not only of great importance to China, but also the compacting density of H3PO4 iron Li material is 1 ⑴ The event of 4g/cm3 is also very important for Europe. In Europe, ordinary people pay more attention to the "war" in Afghanistan, which is irrelevant to China's accession to the WTO, but it is not common for politicians and economic circles, mainly reflected in media reports. For example, local newspapers in Germany rarely discuss this matter. However, the German will make it impossible to input parameters into business daily. In the past few months, China's economy has been talked about almost every day, and articles on China's accession to the WTO have been published constantly

in China, I often hear many worried opinions, afraid that China's entry into the WTO will increase the pressure on farmers, cause more unemployment, and impact some industries. In fact, in Europe, many people worry that once the products produced by China's cheap labor enter the European market without constraints, for example, the leather shoes industry, clothing industry, household appliances and computer industry will bear the brunt. Bio based fiber plastic composites can be mass produced! The second is machine accessories, tools and some industrial products, some of which have entered the western market. Once the Chinese and Western markets are fully opened, the Chinese people are smart, willing to work, plus strong imitation, will make their products constantly improve their production technology. In a few years, they can compete with Western countries and affect the international market of western countries

a Western friend said: "The Chinese people's worry about China's entry into the WTO is just like the Western Europeans' worry about the implementation of the euro in the European Union. They can't see, touch, and eat. In fact, this worry is superfluous. Everything is developing and improving. If something goes wrong today, it will stimulate you to improve it, so as to promote social development.

the author was asked in an interview with Guangdong TV station in Guangzhou two months ago: "China's entry into the WTO will drag China onto the chariot of the west, constantly exert influence on China, and cause China to suffer economically for the benefit of the West. What's your opinion?"

I replied: "That's right, that's not right. The globally integrated economy is indeed the model of western countries. If they want to bring the world into their orbit, China is not a small country. A few years later, China's gross national product is likely to be one of the best in the world. The world trade organization can exert influence on China. Conversely, China can also exert influence on the world trade organization. Any country with a population of 1.3 billion will express its views Weigh the weight. Of course, after China enters the WTO, there will be a process of groping, and it will suffer certain losses. Only after suffering losses can we sum up experience. The biggest problems are agriculture and rural economy. An American expert said that with the soil structure and cultivated land area in Northeast China, if advanced agricultural technology is adopted, the grain produced in the future can roughly meet the needs of the whole China. If so, then the threat is great. Chinese policymakers must make long-term plans early

in Germany, some of our Chinese often discuss in private: why Chinese products, some of which have reached the international level in quality, have rarely or never seen Chinese products advertised abroad. Coca Cola in the United States, cars in Germany and France, electrical appliances and photographic equipment in Japan, etc. advertisements are flying all over the world. Now Korean advertisements have also entered all over the world

a friend said that this is also related to not entering the WTO. Western countries adopt protectionism and restrict your product imports. What's the use of advertising? For example, Chinese traditional medicine is unparalleled in the world, but what is the use of western countries not allowing you to enter their market? In the future, once China enters the WTO, China's best-selling goods will enter the international market of high-tech enterprises established by guodongsheng new materials company, a distinguished expert of the national thousand talents plan and Dr. Shi Xiaodan, who studied in France. Only then will China's advertising begin to work. In addition, China's advertising industry has just started, and it still lacks experience in the world. Which products can be advertised and which don't need to be advertised. If it doesn't follow the international rules of the game, just like the same products in China's provinces kill each other internationally, it is oneself who will suffer in the end. Be careful not to get advertisements flying all over the place, the quality is not good, the market is out of stock, and finally lose credibility

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