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How do packaging and printing enterprises face Internet +? Industry experts think so

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core tip: the essence of Internet thinking is to strengthen the communication between enterprises and customers, and to provide customers with more convenience. Along with this requirement, combined with the actual situation of enterprises to think about problems, there must be more new methods and measures to meet the needs of the market, and the printing market will become more colorful

[China Packaging News] the essence of Internet thinking is to strengthen the communication between enterprises and customers, and to provide customers with more convenience. Following this requirement and considering the actual situation of enterprises, there must be more new methods and measures to meet the needs of the market, and the printing market will become more colorful

Internet + is undoubtedly a hot topic of public opinion in recent times, because the popularity of Internet is a sign that society has entered the digital era. All printing enterprises should pay attention to the application of new technologies and actively embrace the Internet, otherwise they may fall behind or even be eliminated. However, there should be cold thinking about the hot spots of public opinion. Printing enterprises of different sizes have objective differences in how to connect with the Internet. Regardless of their own conditions, they all rush to develop commercial stations, which will inevitably repeat the mistakes of some station construction in history, and the cover of the front car should be a lesson for the future

small and medium-sized printing enterprises are the complementers of the market. Embracing the Internet should emphasize the Internet thinking. There is no doubt that both traditional printing enterprises and digital printing enterprises that have developed with the development of digital technology in the past decade should take the road of Internet + and should actively embrace the Internet and use Internet technology to serve the operation of enterprises. The key question is: how to do it? Especially how do small and medium-sized printing enterprises do it

because of the popularity of e-commerce, all printing enterprises are trying to take the road of e-commerce? The answer can only be: of course not. For most printing enterprises, they lack not only the corresponding technology development and maintenance support capabilities, but also the corresponding financial support capabilities

there are a few words in the network field:

the stations that can survive in a field are the top several in the ranking, and the fight between them is life and death. In the field of shopping, with tmall, and No.1 store, the growth of other enterprises has become extremely difficult. In the social field, with Tencent, Sina and Sohu, it is equally difficult to have other stations. Of course, in each field can be further subdivided to make the market characteristics of small and medium-sized stations, but this is not a day's work after all

unlike traditional businesses, which can readily accept the annual growth of double-digit or even single digit, network sales expect geometric growth. How can we meet such requirements

people's habit of browsing the Internet is the first few pages. If they rank low and do not form their own basic customer group, they will probably not improve if they wait for others to browse

of course, this is just a summary of some objects who have experienced the ups and downs of the world, not a golden rule. Besides, the changing society may have brought many unexpected surprises, but the experience of predecessors is enough to leave future generations with problems worth thinking about

Lei Jun, the head of Xiaomi, believes that Internet is actually a concept. Since the vast majority of enterprises engaged in printing are small and medium-sized market makers, they should focus more on interconnection 2 Think more sensitively, understand what Internet has brought to us, and think about methods suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to connect with Internet

emphasizing interconnected thinking, ideological adaptation to change may be the most fundamental. There is a saying: follow the trend, take advantage of it, and build momentum. It is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to have the ability of Alibaba to create a double 11 consumption Festival, but they can take advantage of the situation and take advantage of it. If you indulge in everything you are used to, but complain that the market changes too fast and customers become difficult, you will be unable to keep up with the pace of market development and eliminate yourself

emphasizing Internet thinking requires traditional printing enterprises to dare to break the traditional marginal definition, abandon the old consciousness, old products and old processes, actively embrace new markets, new materials and new technologies, strive to communicate with customers, create more things that the market needs and the enterprise is able to produce, and make new products carry personalized labels to meet the different needs of each unique individual

emphasize the Internet thinking, and require printing enterprises to change their market positioning, from the previous production-oriented to the current customer-oriented. This requires us to constantly improve our ability to communicate with customers, think about what customers think, be anxious about what customers are anxious about, see the existing problems before customers, and put forward solutions to problems. Only by making customers realize that you are an indispensable partner in their work, can your enterprise grow with the growth of customers

the social changes brought about by the Internet are still in progress. How many things should Internet thinking include may still need to be operated. It is easy to summarize and summarize through practice. What is needed here is market-oriented and creative thinking. If every enterprise has such a way of thinking, perhaps the world we live in will become more colorful

accepting the concept of internet printing is by no means equal to doing station development

since all printing enterprises should comply with the development of society and take the development path of Internet +, how can we embrace Internet technology for the self-development of small and medium-sized printing enterprises

it is good to try to develop a station belonging to your own enterprise, but the construction of the station needs to continue to invest money. In order to maintain customer traffic, it needs to continuously increase investment and increase the market influence of the station. In the printing industry, there are not a few enterprises that apply Internet to undertake printing business, but in addition to a few enterprises that have a certain influence in the market, most of them are still unknown. Of course, a considerable part of them may be attractive in their location. For profit-making enterprises, their focus should not be on fashion, but on how to occupy a larger and more market share and improve their profitability

a forerunner who has quit the station told him with his own experience: it seems that the investment in developing several product samples in the initial stage of station construction is not large, but it is obviously impossible for the station to keep customers' long-term consumption enthusiasm only with a single product. Therefore, there is a need for continuous investment, from the extension of product line to the continuous innovation of various products. These development funds accumulated together, it is not a small number, Development has become an unbearable burden, which is not affordable for ordinary small and medium-sized printing enterprises. More importantly, when you get on the horse, it will become very difficult to try to quit halfway. It also requires courage, because quitting means that all previous efforts are wasted, and the previous investment has been lost. But if you take risks and continue to move forward, there is a problem of whether the enterprise can continue. Tu Shu, which has done well in the industry, originally relied on the profits from paper sales to support it, but the recession in paper sales immediately made it difficult for the station to sustain. Therefore, for electric shock, for docking new technologies, and for catering to market hot spots, we need to be cautious and not rash. It's no wonder that when there is a heated discussion about e-commerce in the printing circle, there are also some successful entrepreneurs who leisurely send out patience to study products and services and seriously solve customer problems. There are no concepts (such as industry 4.0 and Internet +) that make people dizzy. Maybe this is our opportunity. His words are not unreasonable

there is a digital printing enterprise named Lingyan in Shanghai. The investor is a philosophy student who graduated from Fudan University. His thinking may give us a lot of enlightenment. He pointed out: when it comes to digital printing, many people will stay on digital printing equipment, and I think digital printing equipment is only a part of digital printing, and the key part should be the digitalization of business. Facing the hot e-commerce, he believes that it is important to do a good job in business digitalization, constantly improve labor productivity and reduce management costs

the reason for this idea is that the printing operation is entering the stage of fragmentation and multi order from the previous batch and large-scale. In the past, the employees of the printing factory could handle about 10 orders every day. If now the employees are required to handle hundreds or thousands of documents every day, how will we deal with it? As always, it will inevitably lead to the problem of large increase in personnel and low efficiency, and the enterprise is unprofitable. Therefore, Lingyan's investors began to innovate the production process, build a printing platform that can not only arrange and guide production internally, but also facilitate customers to browse and place orders, and work hard on JDF based process management. After all this has been achieved, not only the time of document processing has been greatly reduced, but also the probability of errors in the circulation has been reduced. With the help of JDF, Lingyan integrates information process and document process. Internally, the platform can complete intelligent composition and make order switching in many stores under the jurisdiction of the enterprise; Externally, when the user orders, the system will provide a quotation, which can be paid or settled monthly. Based on the investors' belief that the future must be the combination of digital printing and combined printing, Lingyan purchased four offset printing equipment in 2013, and entered a new realm of two legs of offset printing and digital printing. For the vast majority of small and medium-sized printing enterprises, like Lingyan, the practice of embracing interconnection and using digital technology from the actual needs is more worthy of imitation

facing large quantities of small orders is the characteristic of digital printing enterprises. If small orders are successfully produced in batches, enterprises can make profits. The key lies in how to obtain more small orders and how to organize successful and error free production. Building commercial stations is an effective way to concentrate small orders in the market, but this method also has defects. For example, in order to effectively organize corrosion-resistant and impact resistant production, customers' products must meet the requirements of existing modules, and products lose the ability to fully meet customers' inner requirements. In short, the essence of Internet thinking is to strengthen the communication between enterprises and customers, and to provide customers with more convenience. Following this requirement and considering the actual situation of enterprises, there must be more new methods and measures to meet the needs of the market, and the printing market will become more colorful

there should be cold thinking about the hot spots of public opinion

it is natural and understandable for public opinion to track the hot spots of the market, because public opinion bears the responsibility of promoting social positive energy; Acting as the leader of the development direction of the industry; The second transmission mode cannot guarantee the synchronization of transmission. It also needs to catch the market hot spots to attract the attention of the industry and earn its extraordinary position in the industry

however, enterprises that independently undertake the economy and maintain their own survival are the same and different

the same reason is that enterprises must also pay attention to market hot spots and the possible development direction of the industry in the next step. What is emphasized here is that enterprises need to be forward-looking

the difference is that the vast majority of enterprises, as market substitutes, especially need to work hard to promote their own strengths and avoid their own weaknesses. If

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