How do the hottest leaders find their second self

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How do leaders find the "second self"

on the surface of the business world, what we see is mostly the monologue of a leader, and "partner" has never become the vocabulary of management, at least when it comes to senior managers of enterprises. In most people's minds, a typical company is a leader and a team of many others. The communication characteristics of this noisy world strengthen this impression. Companies are often completely connected with a person. Even the most successful partners have great differences in their popularity: for example, Akio Morita and Akita Inoue of Sony, Bill Gates and Ballmer of Microsoft, Michael Dell and Kevin Rawlings of Dell, Zhang Ruimin and Yang Mianmian of Haier, Wang Shi and Yu Liang of Vanke... The perfect partnership between leaders may be the most neglected issue that everyone experiences all the time, Sometimes many people are even misled into thinking that the mode of leadership is one person high above

to some extent, we can say that any successful leader is a "combination of two": it may be an equal and mutually compatible perfect partner often mentioned, such as Akio Morita and deep well, it may be a combination of intergenerational inheritance of companies such as Liu Chuanzhi and Yang Yuanqing, it may be the professional Manager relationship with clear division of labor and time limit between most chairmen and CEOs, and it may be the relationship between leaders and deputies, It may also be the partnership between CEO and assistant or assistant. The perfect partner cooperates with each other in all aspects of ability, experience, experience, personality and division of work. In short, they work together like one person. When we talk about partners in business, we often think of partners that look very complementary outside. The common metaphor is often men and women, husband and wife, but it doesn't matter. From this metaphor, we can at least experience the harmonious and interactive relationship between partners

the perfect combination in business history

Michael Dell and Kevin Rawlings are the chairman and CEO of Dell respectively. Rawlings is Dell's long-term deputy. They share an office. A glass door divides the office into two parts, but the door has never been closed. They often speak in unison, and habitually help each other finish the dust ring of the speech actuator with both lips. Unlike most partners, there is no division of labor between them. Rawlings said, "what we care about is what we should do and who of us is free to do it." Like most partners, they are completely different people. Dell is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, and Rawlings, who used to be a management consultant, is more cautious. Similarly, Akio Morita of Sony is full of passion, while Akio Inoue pursues technology all his life

Akio Morita and Akio Inoue are "one of the most efficient and eye-catching relationships in business history". They jointly run Sony, and their offices are only separated by a wall. According to the company's biography "Sony private life" in recent years, they "indulge in each other's day and night". Morita's eldest son, Yingnan Morita, recalled the scene of their dinner together: "they sat there talking, and we listened, but we couldn't figure out what they were talking about. They seemed to be talking about their own stories, which seemed to us like meaningless voices, but they could understand each other."

tacit understanding connects them in a magical way. Inoue's eldest child, Inoue Shenliang, said, "they are closer than lovers, and even Mrs. Morita has this feeling. They are closely connected by a relationship, which is not so much friendship as love. This relationship is so deep that even their wives can't insert when they are together."

in the relationship with Inoue Shenda, Morita reached the situation of no self. Inoue Shenda was his brother, which exceeded the needs of business. Morita Yingnan described the relationship between his father and Inoue Shenda in this way: "in his life, he looks for people who can be relied on spiritually, not for decision-making or advice, and there are many people around him who give advice. Inoue shenis not a businessman, but a great and intuitive dreamer. Therefore, my father loves him and the way he dreams."

targeted alliances

however, although no one can work alone, there is indeed pressure to work alone in our hearts, especially for leaders with stronger abilities. We can list many advantages of cooperation, but as Hafiz and Linsky said in the "fire line leadership", having a close collaborator will immediately bring some pressure: they will impose their opinions on you to affect the fire extinguishing effect, so that you have to compromise; It takes time to communicate with them; For many people, they are unwilling to share leadership and leadership

these internal pressures, which may be unconscious and unspeakable, may easily overwhelm all rational logical analysis. This is probably the reason why the often emphasized complementarity of ability, knowledge and experience does not have much practical significance. "Partner is your second self", this sentence tells part of the reality of partnership. Partnership is a learning process of building trust and mutual integration. Finding someone is not the end, but the beginning

yes, these statements easily remind people of this metaphor: "a perfect couple with interlinked hearts". However, this special alliance relationship is based on what this metaphor cannot fully cover: business partners must put the goals and missions of the enterprise or company above everything else. It is not based on personal loyalty

in addition to goals and missions, partnerships have three important aspects. First of all, it is accumulated in the process of jointly dealing with various affairs. In this process, they understand each other, tolerate each other, and change each other, so as to establish complete trust. According to lolina bodsky, Jack Welch's long-term assistant, Welch may be "the most impatient person in the world", but when they first cooperated, Welch tolerated it for a whole year. He was very practical and knew that at least it took so long because it was the only way. Luo Linna said, "an effective working partner, no matter how smart and rational they are, no matter which company they are in, should expect a learning cycle at the beginning of the partnership." In fact, this learning cycle will never end

secondly, ability is the foundation of a partner. Both of them have the ability to complete the work. Because someone is incompetent, it is impossible to build real trust. Partners based on "incompetence" must be distorted. Of course, no one is born with all the abilities. One of the benefits of partnership is that the support of one party can give the other person enough time and space to master new abilities

third, the partnership is easy to understand. 1. There are loose parts and components in the operation of the experimental machine, which is a communication problem. Yes, partners must maintain communication and ask the other party for advice before making a decision. But in case of disharmony, superficial discussion will not solve the problem, but usually only deepen the rift. When someone says "the problem lies in communication", the real problem must not be communication. Using technical means cannot solve the potential value conflicts behind it. Sometimes, we need to step back and rethink our goals, values and this partnership from the overall situation

most leaders are actually "two people", which is the most important information we know about partners. Columbia University Professor John Whitney spoke about this reality, "No matter in business, politics, art, education and sports, every talented leader has a top Deputy commander-in-chief around him. He will implement the boss's instructions, check and fill the gaps for the boss, truthfully report the following situation, ensure that the boss will not be burdened by trivial things, and help the boss establish a capable image in front of his subordinates. At the same time, a good leader also knows very well why he can win Today's performance depends on the excellent assistants around you. " (end)

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