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How do construction machinery enterprises develop the post market

after a long period of silence, the construction machinery industry has shown an obvious warming trend in the past two years, which can be described as "mountains and rivers are heavy, there is no doubt, there is no way, and there is another village with a bright future". With the implementation of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, the market demand for construction machinery has soared. According to the data, as the front-end product of the machinery industry cycle, the sales of excavators are showing a good trend, and a variety of signs all show that the engineering industry has good plasticity at the same time, and the boom of the machinery industry is picking up. With the recovery of construction machinery industry, we have to mention "post market". According to statistics, the post market businesses, including equipment maintenance services, parts sales, leasing, secondary business and remanufacture, have brought up to 80% of the profits to European and American construction machinery enterprises. Nowadays, more and more Chinese construction machinery enterprises turn their development focus to the post market, and continue to tap new profit growth points while deepening their efforts

the concept of "post market" was first proposed by American automobile companies. Its original meaning means that when a $1 car is sold, there will be a $8 related service market, including auto parts supply, auto modification, maintenance, boutique beauty and on-board electrical appliances. In short, the post market of construction machinery refers to a series of activities around services, accessories, second, remanufacture, etc. after sales. In order to develop the post market, we should combine the core advantages of enterprises and strategic planning from these points. Huge development space and "profit stimulation" are "secondary" opportunities for construction machinery enterprises

Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Association, said that the post market has great potential. In the future, users in China's construction machinery industry will not focus on "price", but on "brand" and "quality". Enterprises must establish real user thinking, product thinking, technology thinking and innovation thinking. Manufacturers must jump out of low-end competition and price competition and turn to high-end competition. In the transformation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry, low-cost competition will not only no longer be effective, but also hurt the future development space of participating enterprises and the whole industry; Enterprises that have a speculative mentality and hope to shock sales and share with price competition must stop losses in time

how to develop the post market of construction machinery enterprises has become the focus of many enterprises. It seems that the development of the post market of construction machinery must focus on five major parts: Service (repair and maintenance), accessories, leasing, secondary and remanufacture

in terms of service, construction machinery enterprises should improve the service quality and increase the repeat purchase rate. With the fierce competition in the industry, many products tend to be homogeneous, and the advantages of enterprises at the product level become less obvious, so the importance of services is gradually highlighted. The construction machinery industry is particularly technical. As a construction machinery service personnel, they must understand certain technology, operation common sense, etc. This requires special training of enterprises to provide certain guidance to relevant staff, from the complex control skills to the daily maintenance of products, and then to the solution of unexpected problems in the construction process

in terms of accessories, maintenance drives the sales of accessories. To operate the post market, we cannot do without professional maintenance services and parts sales. It is our responsibility for the enterprise to make your work comfortable, so as to set up certain maintenance points according to needs and provide convenient services for users. However, it must be noted that the maintenance, service and accessories of enterprises in the post market must be cautious, and it is best to use original accessories, because once a dispute is not resolved well, it will have a negative impact on enterprises and agents

in terms of leasing, reduce equipment stagnation and ensure the operating rate. With the establishment of China's market economic system and the deepening of reform and opening up, China's construction machinery and equipment leasing has gradually developed. It rose in the early 1990s and gradually became standardized. According to statistics, the rental equipment of general construction project construction enterprises accounts for 20% - 40% of the machinery used, and individual enterprises account for more than 70%. The construction machinery leasing market has broad development space and optimistic prospects. If the leasing business is carried out in the direction of standardization and standardization, construction machinery enterprises will be able to obtain better benefits in this segmented post market

in terms of second-hand equipment, it is a hot spot that people pay attention to. As a supplement to the market, erxie can integrate the construction machinery and equipment market with the capital market, reduce the investment cost of the construction unit, shorten the return time, improve the return rate, and fully meet the needs of customers. In the past two years, both the Yiji auction and the Lee brothers auction have provided new development space for the second machinery while seeking a business model closer to the market and professional customers in the form of auction

in terms of remanufacturing, many enterprises have set up remanufacturing business departments to specialize in the research and development of remanufacturing industry, and have made certain achievements, but the effect is not ideal. At present, remanufactured products are still difficult to be accepted by the public in China, which requires enterprises to increase investment in the remanufacturing industry, so that more people can understand and accept remanufactured products

in a word, China's construction machinery industry will fully enter the post market era, and the income of post market services will account for a large part of the income of construction machinery enterprises. In the future, with the popularization of the construction machinery industry in people's daily life, the working conditions will become more diverse, and the needs of customers will also vary. For example, loaders are also needed in mines and wharves, but the requirements are different. The requirements for planting trees and flowers in the garden of excavators and construction sites are very different. The customized services of market segments are still in the initial stage in China, and the future development prospects are promising

after the beginning of the 13th five year plan in 2016, entering 2017, China's construction machinery market is "suddenly like a spring breeze overnight, thousands of trees and pear blossoms." With the rise of "Internet +", "intelligent manufacturing", "big data" and "made in China 2025", they also have a profound impact on the development of the construction machinery industry. As we all know, with the increase of the construction machinery market, for the majority of industry users, whether the maintenance service engineers can arrive at the construction site as soon as possible, whether the accessories can be delivered to the construction site in time, whether the equipment failure can be repaired in time, and so on, these issues related to the service quality of construction machinery in the aftermarket have become more and more important and critical. For this reason, as the most authoritative full e-commerce service provider who has been deeply engaged in the industry for 15 years, Huicong construction machinery, with the purpose of serving the majority of industry enterprises and users, has jointly initiated the establishment of a specific yield strength of Chinese engineering. How to identify and calculate the post market alliance of the machinery industry

in the face of the current situation of China's construction machinery industry, especially the various problems existing in the development of the industry's post market field, it is urgent to adjust. The establishment of China's construction machinery post market alliance is at the right time. The alliance is committed to building a professional, honest and authoritative service platform for China's construction machinery post market, and constantly promote the standardized and healthy development of China's construction machinery post market industry. Since its establishment in June last year, the post market alliance has received high attention and response from colleagues in the industry. At the same time, the launch of the "huikuaixiu" platform on the mobile end of the post market alliance provides convenience for alliance members and industry users with one-stop services

it is understood that the "smart quick repair" one-stop service platform for the post market of construction machinery is a network platform that Huicong construction machinery strives to build based on the current post market situation of the industry, integrating equipment users, maintenance plants and suppliers to provide fast and efficient post market services. The "smart quick repair" platform includes four types of services, namely, making an appointment for maintenance, finding a repair shop, finding accessories, and finding equipment, which can meet the needs of equipment users, repair shops, repairers, suppliers and other aspects

on September 20, 2017, the high-profile top event of China's construction machinery industry, "bices2017", was held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center. On the occasion of the arrival of the talents, the "smart quick repair app" platform of the construction machinery post market Alliance launched by Huicong construction machinery announced that the purchase prices of some steel mills continued to decline at the same time. At the meeting, chairman Qi said that the successful launch of the "huikuaixiu" app means that the construction machinery industry has a professional tool dedicated to serving our post market. We hope that our colleagues in the post market can bring convenience to our business operation and business increment through use or participation, so as to help the healthy development of the enterprise. At the same time, we hope that Huicong construction machinery, as the developer and operator of the "huikuaixiu" app platform, will give full play to its media advantages, quickly popularize it to every enterprise in the post market, and try our best to make all enterprises benefit from it

at this stage, in view of some problems gradually emerging in the construction machinery industry market, it is necessary to achieve the effect of "1+1 2". Unite like-minded enterprises, give full play to their respective advantages and collective strength, and unite post market enterprises with fragmented distribution in the market to form a joint force. At the same time, with the help of "huikuai repair" one-stop service platform, we can help enterprises get rid of the current difficulties and improve their market voice and dominance. "Interconnection and sharing economy", building a "brand alliance", sharing resources, jointly creating market value and sharing revenue, are particularly important in the current market environment

facing the post market scale of about 140 billion, opportunities and pressures coexist, and the disordered market competition environment makes enterprises lose both sides. The establishment of the market alliance after "gathering, gathering" has united our enterprises and achieved mutual trust, sharing, sharing and win-win results. The launch of "huikuai repair" one-stop service platform has brought dawn to the healthy development of the post market. With the help of the east wind of "Internet +", the rapid integration of informatization and industrialization will promote the rapid transformation and upgrading of construction machinery enterprises, and boost the continuous progress of China's construction machinery industry

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