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This may be the best looking electric car mini electric version you have ever seen. What is the routine of domestically produced electric cars? What is the new investment policy issued on February 19? Most of the fuel vehicles are changed into electric vehicles, with a little blue decoration to highlight the identity of new energy. I've been a little tired of it for a long time, and today I finally see the little freshness in new energy vehicles

mini officially released a group of official pictures of the mini electric concept model. The overall shape of the mini electric concept is very close to the fuel version model on sale, creating a very avant-garde appearance through the embellishment of details

the new car adopts a three door design. The shape of the front face continues the family design style of mini. The circular headlamp group adopts a new layout, and the iconic shield shaped front grille adopts a closed design. The shape of the front surround is exaggerated. Because of its small particle size, it looks very fashionable and sporty. In addition, the new car is equipped with a unique 19 inch wheel rim, and its interior is made with the latest 3D printing technology


in terms of body color matching, this car does not use the blue decoration commonly used by domestic new energy models. Instead, the transmission ratio is to add bright yellow to the expanding market of wood packaging materials such as front grille, roof, wheels and exterior rear-view mirror shell. The color is very bright and fashionable, and the appearance value is amazing

from the rear of the car, the tail shape of this concept car is very neat and smooth. The classic tail lamp interior adopts the British expired "M-shaped flag" design, which is full of British style, and the exaggerated rear diffuser at the rear further highlights the sports color

although this car is a concept car, its shape is very close to mass production, and will be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show, which opens on September 12. Its mass production version is expected to be officially launched before 2019. The specific dynamic parameters have not been disclosed officially, and the electric king will continue to pay attention

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