How do the most popular different corrugated shape

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How do different corrugated shapes support the compression resistance of cartons

what types of corrugated board are there, what are the characteristics of different types of corrugated board, and how does the selection of different combinations of corrugated boards affect the compressive strength? Will come together for you

hundred year history of corrugation: from A-shaped corrugation to O-shaped corrugation

people defined the first corrugation shape invented as A-shaped corrugation. UL is a world-renowned company independently engaged in safety science, followed by the invention of B-shaped corrugation, followed by the invention of C-shaped corrugation between the size of a and B-shaped corrugation, followed by the invention of E-shaped corrugation, and then the emergence of larger D-shaped corrugation and K-shaped corrugation. In recent years, people have developed micro corrugated, including F, G, N, O and other corrugated types

performance comparison of various corrugated types

at present, the most commonly used corrugated types are a, B, C, e and F. the edge pressing strength of corrugated board is ab, BC, be, a, C and B in turn

c-shaped ridge: the compressive strength is higher than that of B-shaped ridge. The surface is smoother than the A-shaped ridge, and the performance is between the A-shaped ridge and the B-shaped ridge

b-shaped ridge: high plane pressure and low vertical compressive capacity. A-type ridge: good cushioning performance and high vertical compressive strength

e-shaped ridge: light weight, good printing effect

selection of corrugated board type

generally, in order to ensure its sufficient compressive strength, A-type corrugated box with strong vertical compressive strength should be selected for single corrugated box, and ab corrugated box and BC corrugated box are the most ideal. The outer layer of corrugated board is made of B-type corrugated, which has strong impact resistance, flat surface of corrugated board, good printing effect, and the inner layer is made of A-type or C-type corrugated, which has good cushioning performance and high vertical compressive strength, and can protect goods. In this way, the physical properties of the carton exert the advantages of two kinds of corrugated, and C-type or B-type corrugated carton is suitable for medium packaging

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why on earth is this

relationship between corrugation and compressive strength

it is also crucial to select the appropriate corrugation according to the box type. In people's consciousness, people often think that the larger the corrugation, the higher the compressive strength of the box through remote assistance, and it is easy to ignore the influence of corrugation on the deformation. In fact, the larger the ridge, the greater the compressive strength of the carton and the greater the deformation; The smaller the ridge, the smaller the compressive strength of the carton and the smaller the deformation. If the carton is too large, but the corrugated shape is very small, the carton is easy to be crushed during the compression test; The carton is too small, but the corrugated shape is very large. During the compression test, the deformation will be too large and the cushioning process will be long

what principles should be followed when designing cartons for hot extruded plates

under the same production conditions, the order of compressive strength and compressive deformation is AC b> e, so the following principles should be followed in the design of cartons: if the strength of B corrugated is sufficient, B corrugated with small deformation is preferred, and then C and a corrugated are considered

physical properties of various corrugated types and corrugated boxes

(Note: 4 means the best, 1 means the worst)

through the collection and collation of corrugated box production data for many years, under the same paper conditions, due to the influence of various objective factors, sometimes the physical properties of corrugated box a are worse than those of corrugated box C. The compressive strength of Corrugated Box B is also higher than that of corrugated box C. Therefore, in case of similar situations, do not rely entirely on theoretical data. It is best to make the best choice after testing several kinds of corrugated cardboard or cartons

the experiment shows that the strength comparison of corrugated cardboard made of a, B, C and E using the same base paper is as follows:

plane pressure: three kinds of corrugated cardboard with different corrugated shapes. Comparing their plane pressure, it is known that the more corrugated the number is, the greater the plane pressure can be borne. This plane pressure is called flat compression strength, and the order of strength is e-b-c-a

vertical pressure in corrugation direction: apply vertical pressure in the vertical direction of corrugation shape, which is called vertical compression strength. The less the number of corrugations, the higher the vertical compression strength. Therefore, the order of vertical compression strength is a-c-b-e

parallel pressure in the corrugation direction: apply the pressure parallel to the corrugation direction to the corrugated board. Comparing its strength, we know that the more the number of corrugations, the higher the strength. Therefore, the order is e-b-c-a

advantages of the mutual cooperation of various types of corrugated paperboard:

the outer layer is E-type corrugated paperboard, which has good two-way stiffness, reduces the impact of external forces, and reduces the warpage of the surface. In the environment of high relative humidity, the strength loss of paperboard is very small

the inner layer is B-type corrugated cardboard, which has enough rigidity and enough resistance to plane pressure to bear the pressure exerted by the packaged goods from the inside on the box wall

the intermediate layer is A-type corrugated paperboard, which has good elasticity and cushioning effect when subjected to impact load. Because of the above advantages, this combined form of corrugated board is more and more widely used in product packaging

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