Detailed explanation of the production process of

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Detailed explanation of LDPE blown film production process

9. Reasons for the failure of film longitudinal tensile strength:

① the temperature of molten resin is too high, which will reduce the longitudinal tensile strength of the film

② the traction speed is slow, and the longitudinal orientation of the film is not enough, which makes the longitudinal tensile strength worse

③ blow, so the product capacity you test is not large, the expansion ratio is too large, and it does not match the traction ratio, which will improve the horizontal orientation and tensile strength of the film, while the longitudinal tensile strength will become worse

④ the cooling rate of the membrane is too fast


① appropriately reduce the temperature of molten resin

② appropriately increase the traction speed

③ adjust the inflation ratio to match the traction ratio

④ reduce the cooling rate appropriately

statement that the casing tilt will crack the top concrete in the process of lifting the platform due to excessive deflection:

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