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On January 19, 2007, Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully held the "new product demonstration and new technology exchange meeting", with a slope of 3db/oct. More than 200 customer representatives from printing enterprises at home and abroad were invited to attend the exchange event. With the full assistance of all departments and branches of Yahua company, this "double innovation" will be a great success. Among the prototypes displayed at the exhibition, tym1050y vertical and horizontal bronzing die-cutting machine, tym920sp high-speed bronzing die-cutting machine, etc. settled in the domestic market, mw1050yc full waste automatic die-cutting machine, zh800b automatic box pasting machine, and pyq2000 indentation machine were ordered on the spot by Turkish and American customers respectively. Now the performance of each machine will be introduced in detail

mw1050yc automatic die-cutting machine parameters and introduction

modular design mw1050yc automatic die-cutting machine is the first domestic automatic die-cutting machine with dual functions of waste removal and full waste removal. It is the only Chinese made full waste removal automatic die-cutting machine that can be put into daily production in the domestic market and has completely independent intellectual property rights. This model has a high degree of automation. Under working conditions, it can complete the functions of non-stop paper receiving, finished product stacking, automatic page insertion, automatic sheet sampling and finished product automatic transportation, so as to maximize the work efficiency. The whole machine is designed according to the European "CE" standard, highlighting the operation safety

at present, this model has been sold in domestic and American markets respectively

maximum paper size 1050 × 750mm

die cutting accuracy

paper jam ± 0.09mm

maximum paper size 390 × 370mm

corrugated paper ± 0.25mm

maximum die cutting size 1040 × 730mm

die cutting paper range

paper jam 0 5mm

maximum working pressure 300 tons

e, B corrugated

frame inner size 1120 × 760mm

height of paper feeding pile 1350mm

height of knife line 23.8mm

in this way, the advantages of this kind of experimental machine cannot be fully played.

height of paper receiving pile 1000mm

standard plate distance 32.3 ± 0.1mm

rated power 24kw

minimum bite width 4mm

rated voltage 35A

working hours 4000 sheets/h

main motor power 11kw

steel plate thickness 5mm


total weight of machine 22000kg

machine size 7260 × five thousand five hundred and seventy-four × 2437

pyq2000 indentation machine parameters and introduction

pyq2000 indentation machine is applicable to the indentation and concave convex of paper, cardboard, corrugated, leather, plastic and other packaging and decoration printing products. The frame is integrally cast with forged parts and steel connecting rods. The self weight of 15 tons can withstand the combined impact force of 220 tons each time. Large and main related parts are processed by machining centers. Movable frame, four axis herringbone gear structure, imported pneumatic clutch, microswitch, centralized oil supply, variable frequency speed regulation, man-machine all-round protection, 170 ° pressure frame opening angle, which greatly improves the operation safety performance. According to the measures for the hygienic management of plastic products and raw materials for food issued by the Ministry of health, the whole machine meets the "CE" standard

specification and model


maximum paper size

2000 × 1300mm

working pressure

220 tons


13 sheets/min



net weight



2980 × one thousand nine hundred and thirty × 2100mm

operating noise

less than 80 dB

zh800b box pasting machine parameters and introduction

zh800b automatic box pasting machine has strong versatility and a wide range of applications. It can be used for all kinds of paperboard, double card mounting/tile, corrugated and plastic regular April 8th, 2015 and special-shaped box folding. According to the needs of customers, various models with different functions can be combined. LCD touch screen displays speed, output, fault alarm, and can also set and save parameters. It is equipped with pre folding, kicking, pneumatic pressure regulation, belt speed regulation device and wireless remote control button box. The machine can be operated at the highest speed of 400m/min in less than half a second, with emergency braking until it stops completely, highlighting the operational safety. The product meets the "CE" standard. The box pasting machine series is an important part of the product chain of Yahua company and belongs to the category of heavy box pasting machine. The box pasting machine branch can not only design by itself, but also has the design ability of various box types. At present, many special-shaped boxes in the domestic packaging market come from the creativity of Yahua box pasting machine branch. The products are widely used in the packaging fields of alcohol, drugs, food and cosmetics. In addition to maintaining good sales performance in China, Russia, the United States, Southeast Asia, Western Europe and many countries in the Middle East, including Israel, have become the stage for the Great Exhibition of Yahua paste box machine



highest speed


lowest speed


applicable paper

paperboard 180-650g/㎡ corrugated e, F, n plastic pet/pp, etc.

applicable carton type

standard, bottom sticker, side sticker on both sides, double wall sticker, disk box, four/six corner sticker, all kinds of special-shaped boxes,

.Function configuration

pre folding, bottom pasting on both sides, surface glue, skirting count, Remote control

total electrical power

19kw/26kw (including hexagonal stickers)




5250kg/5970kg (including hexagonal stickers)

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