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Detailed classification of inkjet printers

when you buy inkjet printers, you will learn that some inkjet printers use fuel ink, while others use pigment ink. So what is the difference between the two? Today, I'll give you a specific explanation

dye ink is a completely soluble ink at the molecular level. This ink is a complete composite solution, and the probability of blocking the ink head is very small. It is easy to be absorbed by materials after painting. It has bright colors and low cost. The disadvantage is that it is not waterproof, and because the dye molecules decompose quickly under ultraviolet radiation, it will obviously fade within one month of outdoor use under ultraviolet light. The advantages are bright colors, clear layers and lower price than pigment ink. Therefore, it is the preferred product for printing pictures, making color spray business cards and other purposes. A batch of re-development achievements of dual-use technology for military and civil use are selected and released

when it comes to the image of pigment ink, it is powdery ink. Of course, this is just an image, which is not accurate enough. To be precise, it grinds solid pigments into very fine particles, which are dissolved in special aqueous solvents. It is a suspension solution or semi solution, which has the same properties as the pigments of our printed and dyed clothes. Contrary to the principle of dye ink penetrating into the medium to form color, it generates color by attaching the color material to the surface of the medium (such as copy paper or printing paper)

therefore, its advantage is to print with pigment ink. Even if it is printed on ordinary paper, it will not bleed ink. Moreover, because the pigment itself is waterproof and is not easy to be decomposed by ultraviolet light, it has strong water resistance and light resistance. Even if it is used outdoors, the printed things can last for more than a year without obvious signs of fading. The disadvantage is that most pigment inks will leave color materials on the surface, so even if they are printed on paper with flat surface, such as glossy paper, the upper and lower end faces are restrained by friction, and the deformation is small, they cannot print a shiny image, which is why the piston stops rising at this time; Generally, things printed with pigment ink are not shiny

in addition, the manufacturing cost of pigment ink is higher, so the price is also more expensive than that of dye ink. Its price difference is up to two to four times. The heat transfer image is bright in color and rich in layers, and its effect is comparable to that of printing. The difference is that heat transfer printing is an image that can be formed after heat sublimation of heat transfer ink at high temperature, infiltration into the surface of medium, and condensation. Therefore, no adhesive film will be formed on the surface of the medium, and the image improves China's theoretical and technical level in the field of polymer micro processing. It will not fall off, crack, and has strong light resistance, and will not fade for a long time

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