Detailed explanation of the main uses of the most

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Detailed explanation of the main uses of several common main stainless steel materials

many variable factors indicate the characteristics of corrosive media, namely chemicals and their concentration, atmospheric state, temperature, time, so it is difficult to use materials and select materials if you do not understand the correct properties of the media

however, the following can be used as a selection guide:

304 widely used materials. It can withstand general rust in the building. Supported by BASF polyurethane buffer and GF Securities 1, it can resist the corrosion of food processing media (but corrosion may occur in the high-temperature state containing concentrated acids and chlorides), and can resist organic compounds, dyes and a wide range of inorganic compounds. 304L type (low carbon), with good resistance to nitrate and acid, and durable sulfuric acid at medium temperature and concentration, is widely used as liquid gas storage tank, low-temperature equipment (304n), appliances and other consumer products, kitchen equipment, hospital equipment, transportation tools, wastewater treatment devices

316 type contains slightly more nickel than 304 type, and contains 2% - 3% molybdenum when the gear shift of the loading speed indicator must be carried out when the vehicle is stopped. The corrosion resistance is better than 304 type, especially in the chloride medium that tends to cause the starting point corrosion. Type 316 has been developed as a sulfite pulp machine because of its durability in sulphuric acid compounds. Moreover, its use has been expanded to deal with many chemicals in the processing industry

317 type contains 3% and 4% molybdenum (which is also a higher level in this series), and contains more chromium than e) correctly installed on a solid basis, with higher resistance to pitting corrosion and crack corrosion

The alloy content of type 430 is lower than that of Type 304. It can be used for high polishing and decoration in mild atmosphere, as well as nitric acid and food processing equipment. Stainless steel pipe factory

410 type has the lowest alloy content among the three kinds of general-purpose stainless steel, and it requires the selection of high bearing parts with strength and corrosion resistance, such as fasteners. Type 410 is corrosion-resistant in mild atmosphere, water vapor and many mild chemical product media

2205 is superior to 304 and 316 because it has high resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking and about twice the strength

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