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In recent years, with the continuous development of China's economy, the demand for energy is increasing, and even there is a certain degree of "energy crisis". How do you think of this phenomenon? Briefly talk about your solution to the problem

analysis: for this problem, it is suggested that candidates' views should be carried out from multiple perspectives and should not be too one-sided:

view 1: "energy crisis" is first caused by the tension between supply and demand, first, because China's energy industry is difficult to meet the growing energy demand, and second, because China's energy-saving technology is insufficient, the phenomenon of energy waste is serious. Third, there are problems in China's industrial structure, and economic development depends heavily on energy

viewpoint 2: energy development and energy protection are a pair of contradictory relations. Great deformation occurs during the tightening. Energy is a non renewable resource, which needs to be protected, but the requirement of energy development is to increase the development of energy. Second, the development of energy will inevitably reduce the exploitable life of energy, which itself is not conducive to the protection of energy, which is a difficult choice

point 3: low energy efficiency is the key to the problem. Because the increase in the absolute use of energy seems inevitable, but we can find ways to slow down its growth rate without seriously affecting economic development. Therefore, we should focus on the treatment of low energy efficiency, because low energy efficiency will restrict the sustainable development of energy, economy and society

solutions to the "energy crisis":/p>

(1) relevant government departments should formulate energy-saving plans, overall goals, specific technical indicators and energy-saving indicators

(2) the National People's Congress and relevant legislative departments should formulate or further revise and improve relevant energy-saving laws and regulations

(3) the State Council should guide relevant local governments to rely on technological progress and solve the energy crisis through industrial upgrading

(4) the relevant energy management departments of the government should strengthen the management, supervision and inspection of energy use

(5) promote circular economy and change the mode of economic growth throughout the country

(6) relevant propaganda departments and media should vigorously publicize and advocate an energy-saving society

(7) establish an energy-saving inspection and monitoring system based on government supervision and assessment and combined with self-assessment of enterprises and institutions

(8) establish a complete set of economic incentive system, combining economic means with energy conservation publicity to arouse the awareness of energy conservation among the whole people. For example, preferential policies will be given to the charging and taxation of energy-saving enterprises, and economic preferences will be given to energy-saving users in the reform of the energy charging system

interview simulation question 2: in recent years, food poisoning incidents have occurred in the canteens of some universities across the country. As a college student who has just left (or is about to leave) the university gate, what measures do you think should be taken to avoid these problems? Please give specific countermeasures

analysis: This is an interview question close to civil servant candidates, which is of great practical significance. Candidates will basically have something to say, but it is still very difficult to say well, especially that countermeasures cannot be a space hole, because the more trivial it is, the more difficult it is to put forward targeted "specific countermeasures", so it puts forward a higher requirement for candidates' actual analysis ability

reference countermeasures:

(1) comprehensively implement the quantitative and hierarchical management system of food hygiene in school canteens. The administrative departments of health and education should formulate work plans and deploy work requirements in combination with the local actual situation and their respective responsibilities to ensure the smooth implementation of this system in the school canteen

(2) strengthen and standardize the application and issuance of food hygiene licenses in school canteens and snack bars. The administrative departments of health and education should organize forces to investigate the current situation of food hygiene in rural schools in the province, especially analyze and study the problems existing in the canteens of rural schools that fail to meet the conditions for the issuance of health licenses, and study and formulate classification management methods and requirements that are in line with local reality and strong operability based on the principle of managing according to law and seeking truth from facts, and measuring the torque of springs at a fixed rotation angle

(3) strengthen the supervision and guidance of the food hygiene and safety management of the school contracted canteen. Regulations on the qualifications of school canteen contractors should be studied and formulated. Dai bin, a teacher from Guangzhou New Oriental, believes that the responsibilities of schools and canteen contractors in the food hygiene and safety management in the school canteen contract should be clarified and refined, and the contract model should be unified to ensure that all food hygiene management is implemented in place

(4) strengthen the preventive health supervision of new, rebuilt and expanded canteens in schools. The school must have the participation of the health administration department in the completion acceptance of the new, reconstructed and expanded canteen project, so as to eliminate the health hidden dangers of the new, reconstructed and expanded canteen in the site selection, facility layout and other hardware transformation

(5) strengthen training and implement the food hygiene administrator system. Set up full-time or part-time food hygiene administrators, clarify their functions and, organize special training for school canteen food hygiene administrators, and improve the professional quality and health management ability of canteen food hygiene administrators

(6) strengthen the supervision and inspection of school canteens. Local health administrative departments and education departments actively coordinate and cooperate to establish and improve the cooperation mechanism. Aerogel gel is an ultra light solid material inspection system with nano porous structure, giving full play to the comprehensive role of health administrative supervision and industrial health management to ensure school food hygiene and safety

interview model the world will have 5million new energy vehicles in 2015. Question 3: in recent years, with the continuous acceleration of China's urbanization process, migrant workers have become a way for many farmers to make a living. They have left behind "left behind children" under the care of their grandparents, relatives, friends and even brothers and sisters. Due to the long-term lack of parental care and training, these children are often prone to various psychological disorders, such as withdrawn personality, emotional vulnerability, self abandonment, lack of progress in reading, school weariness and even truancy. In this regard, if you are a grass-roots civil servant of a County Education Bureau and ask to write a report on solving the problem of "left behind children", please talk about your views and countermeasures

analysis: This is a hot topic with strong "timeliness". When designing this topic, we mainly hope to combine the hot topic and identity simulation, and we hope to test the candidates' ability to evaluate hot topics under "virtual identity". This is also a proposition trend of the real interview questions of national civil servants in recent years. It is suggested that candidates should pay more attention

View expansion:

view 1: the transfer of rural surplus labor objectively produces a huge number of people who need the support of the whole society

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