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Fujifilm supports low-carbon environmental protection undertakings to launch tree planting activities

everyone strives to be a green Fuji hosted by Fujifilm China Investment Co., Ltd. the low-carbon environmental protection tree planting activity will be officially launched on July 1. The activity lasted more than a month, aiming to promote a low-carbon and environmentally friendly green life, and called on the whole society to pay attention to the desertification phenomenon in Inner Mongolia, take action from their own point of view, add green to Inner Mongolia, and contribute to the construction of ecological civilization and environment-friendly society

June 17 this year is the 17th world day to combat desertification and drought. The theme of this year is to maintain the vitality of the desert through trees. Although all countries in the world are combating desertification in different ways, desertification is still expanding at a rate of 50000-70000 square kilometers per year. Inner Mongolia is one of the most serious regions in China where the desert theory predicts that its electrical conductivity depends on its pipe diameter and pipe wall. By the end of 2009, the desertification area has reached 617700 square kilometers

sustainable development is the most important subject for the earth, human beings and enterprises in the 21st century. Fujifilm always adheres to the principle of realizing our society and making its own contribution to the sustainable development of the society. It has entered the 14th year of carrying out tree planting activities in Inner Mongolia. Every year, Fujifilm employees spontaneously organize to go to Tongliao area in Inner Mongolia to plant trees. Since last year, Fujifilm has passed on the concept of environmental protection to the whole society, and more people have felt the green Fuji spirit. Environmentalists from all walks of life have joined the Fuji green cooperation team to contribute to the cause of environmental protection

the registration of this activity is divided into two parts: group registration and upper registration. The group registration will be selected by the Shanghai youth home non-governmental service organization from its subordinate environmental NGOs; For online registration, you can log in to the official event site, fill in the registration information, and register Sina Weibo to focus on the official event Weibo green Fuji in action. We will score and select applicants according to their microblog activity since the date when their newly structured registration information has been registered. A total of 6 environmental protection envoys will be born in the whole selection process. They will go to Tongliao, Inner Mongolia for 4 nights and 5 days of voluntary tree planting together with the employees of Fujifilm for free from July 31 to August 4

for those who wish to support the cause of environmental protection but are unable to participate in voluntary tree planting in Inner Mongolia this summer for various reasons, we have also opened a support link. Similarly, log in to the event officer and click support green Fuji. You will have the opportunity to win the checky Mini 25 primary imaging camera and FinePix X100 camera provided by Fujifilm China Investment Co., Ltd

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