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Fujifilm and screen jointly promote digital printing newspapers Fujifilm and screen recently announced that it will focus on promoting on-demand newspaper printing at the annual forum organized by the Asia Pacific Newspaper Publishers Association

the two companies will officially announce their cooperation at the Panpa (Asia Pacific Newspaper Publishers Association) forum in August to jointly sell the truepress jet 520 inkjet printer

Fujifilm's rich newspaper customer resources are the best way to sell truepress jet 520zz. The color printing speed of this device can reach 220 M/min at the highest

Matt Ritson, marketing manager of Fujifilm, said that they have been the distributor of screen CTP for many years, and this time adding truepress to their product portfolio is an opportunity for both partners

it is understood that this device is very suitable for the printing of short newspapers and small publications. The screen company is also looking forward to the cooperation with Fujifilm

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