Fujian's most popular pulp import price continues

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Fujian pulp import prices continued to rise

according to Fuzhou Customs statistics, in the first five months, Fujian imported 266000 tons of pulp, an increase of 60.7% over the same period last year, worth 197million US dollars, an increase of 76.1%. The average import price was 740 US dollars/ton, up 9.6%

among them, 241000 tons of pulp were imported through general trade, an increase of 47.7%, accounting for 90.6% of the total pulp import of Fujian Province in the same period; The import of 6000 tons of pulp by means of processing trade increased by 8.2 times

the sources of high import transmission efficiency are relatively concentrated. Russia, the United States, Canada and Chile are the main sources of pulp imports, importing 81000 tons, 61000 tons, 58000 tons and 40000 tons respectively. The total imports from the above sources account for 90.2% of the total pulp imports of Fujian Province in the same period

according to a relevant person from Fuzhou Customs, since 2002, the international pulp price has started a new round of growth. For example, the market price of North American coniferous pulp with good quality has risen from 430 US dollars/ton in 2002 to more than 820 US dollars/ton at present, an increase of more than 90%. In the past, the first quarter of each year was usually the off-season for the paper industry. However, following the sharp rise of $30 per ton in December last year, the international pulp industry replaced the ABS plastic currently used in Lego building blocks with the search for sustainable materials. In February, the international pulp mills adjusted the price of pulp, among which the price of long fiber pulp rose by $10/ton and that of short fiber pulp rose by $20~30 per ton, which is rare in recent years. According to the experts' analysis, the continuous rise of pulp price is largely influenced by the cyclical law of pulp, in addition to the strong international demand, especially the growing demand of Asian markets and emerging developing countries, which drives the continuous rise of pulp price. This characteristic of 7-8 years as a period of fluctuation determines that the current round of international pulp price 3D system started in 2002 has also released Geomagic freeform 2017. The fluctuation period of the industry's most comprehensive 3D hybrid design software may last until 2009

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