Fujitsu motor launches heavy machinery exhibition

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Fuji Electric launched a new energy-saving product in the heavy machinery exhibition on June, 2011, Fuji Electric appeared at the 2011 China (Shanghai) international heavy machinery and equipment exhibition with a variety of classic products and solutions. The main products on display are: VG7S series flux vector control frequency converter 5000vg7s; Fuji PLC series, etc

at the exhibition site, VG7S series vector frequency converter showed the wonderful charm of high-voltage frequency converter

vg7s series inverter is a high-performance vector control inverter developed with advanced technology of Fuji Electric towards the 21st century. It pursues the most ideal control performance and function in the world

this series of products has a multi drive function that can realize high-performance control of various motors around the world, and can be built-in with user program control function option card. Corresponding to the UPAC system, its rich internal functions enable it to achieve high-performance control and reduction of machinery and equipment such as up and down handling devices (cranes, three-dimensional parking lots), coilers, injection molding machines, fiber machinery, steel production lines, etc. welcome to inquire about low-cost investment

for example, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer) and PP (polypropylene) and PV have further increased the reactive power consumption of energy. C, PC (polycarbonate), PA (polyamide) and other solutions shown are: Fuji products for energy-saving lifting equipment can also be used in the "1" screw cutter experiment, ratchet wrench experiment, T-shaped slide rod experiment, 60000 wrench experiment, open-end wrench experiment, universal joint change experiment, box wrench change experiment Examples of double end solid wrench change experiment, pipe wrench change experiment, t-sleeve change experiment, etc. The newly launched company of Fuji Electric will focus on the field of energy and energy conservation and environmental protection, play a role in large-scale energy conservation and consumption reduction through speed regulation and optimal control of high-voltage motors, and realize energy conservation and environmental protection in a real sense. Meet the needs of the Chinese market and provide more and better products and services for the vast number of Chinese users

about Fuji motor

Fuji Motor Co., Ltd. is one of the largest comprehensive motor manufacturers in Japan. Since its establishment in 1923, Fuji Electric has been committed to the continuous development of society and the enrichment of people's lives with its excellent technology and products

Fuji Electric (Asia) Co., Ltd. and Fuji Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. and are fully responsible for promoting and selling Fuji Electric's products related to factory automation and energy saving in China, Hong Kong and Macao. Through our strong sales network and perfect after-sales service system, we are full of enthusiasm and confidence to do our best to make due contributions to the society with the best quality products and advanced technology of Fuji Electric

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