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Fujitsu Microelectronics expands the lineup of 8-bit controllers for motor control

Shanghai, june17,2010 - Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. today announced that it has added six 48 pin mb95390h series products with built-in brushless DC motor control function on the basis of its f2mc-8fx family of high-performance 8-bit microcontrollers (hereinafter referred to as microcontrollers) with built-in flash memory. Samples of this series of products have been provided since late June, 2010, and will be supplied in batches in September

in recent years, the number of machines using brushless DC motor control in the Asia Pacific market has increased rapidly, making the demand for small pin motor control microcontrollers for these machines rise sharply without any missing or damaged components. To meet these needs, Fujitsu Microelectronics has developed mb95390h series. In the market, DC motors used in household appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, printers, office equipment such as copiers, hair dryers or electric shavers account for a large proportion of the total cost of the system, so there has always been the expectation of reducing prices. On the other hand, due to the requirements of low noise and prolonging the service life, the market demand has gradually shifted from the simple brush DC motor to the electronically controlled brushless DC motor. Therefore, the market of 8-bit microcontroller that realizes brushless DC motor control at low cost is expected to further expand in the future

in addition, the market is looking for not only the brushless DC motor control function, but also the induction of various parameters of the machine environment such as temperature sensor and brightness sensor, detailed system control and support for products with higher prices

Fujitsu Microelectronics' 8-bit MCU f2mc-8fx family has built-in flash memory, which is also very superior in information confidentiality. On this basis, the 32 pin mb95330h series with brushless DC motor control function has been put into production in March this year

this time, the mb95390h series with a 48 pin package and a maximum storage capacity of 60kb is provided. The built-in high-precision a/d converter with a maximum of 12 channels can import most sensor inputs and carry large capacity processing programs

in addition to the brushless DC motor control function, this series also has built-in various high-pass timers, communication functions and high-precision oscillation circuits, realizing the reduction of system components

since the above products all adopt the single line on-chip debugging function, the customer only needs to occupy the minimum number of pins for debugging during development

[sample price and delivery time]

series name sample price sample delivery time

mb95390h series 1.5 USD2 late June 2010

[product lineup]

1 Built in Brushless DC motor control function

can output three-phase waveform suitable for brushless DC motor control. It supports various brushless DC motors, such as indoor and outdoor fans of air conditioners, cooling fans of rotary tables in microwave ovens or copiers

2. Internalization of external parts to achieve low cost

by carrying CR oscillation circuit, low-voltage detection circuit and monitoring timer circuit, it can save the use of 2-3 parts such as external oscillator or RESET IC, so as to achieve the goal of low cost of the whole system

there is no need to adjust after mounting CR oscillation circuit on the printed board to ensure 2% oscillation accuracy

3. Equipped with high-performance flash memory

equipped with high-performance flash memory, it can also rewrite data and rewrite 100000 times during program execution. Guarantee the data retention time of 20 years

in addition, it also has encryption function to prevent external illegal reading programs and avoid the outflow of customers' software assets


[main specifications of mb95390h series]

loading 8/16 bit multifunction timer (PWC, PWM or capture can be selected), 8/16 bit PPG timer,

16 bit heavy load timer, time base timer

[development roadmap]

about Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is Fujitsu's semiconductor business headquarters in China, Established in August, 2003, it has set up branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Dalian and other places, responsible for coordinating the sales, market and on-site technical support services of Fujitsu semiconductor in China

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