Fujitsu develops flexible and high temperature res

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Fujitsu has developed flexible and high temperature resistant RFID tags

as RFID tags have been applied to school uniforms, it is reasonable to apply them to other uniforms

but what if it is a factory uniform that needs high-temperature disinfection? Will RFID tags not melt due to heat

fujitsu has developed a flexible UHF RFID tag that can withstand 250 degrees Fahrenheit (about 121 degrees Celsius) and two atmospheres

The 1g Fujitsu label is designed for factories that need high temperature 14. Reliable: user-defined limit and end experimental conditions for disinfection, such as the uniforms of employees of medical equipment and semiconductor manufacturers. Most of the microorganisms will be destroyed at 100 ℃ except that a large number of bicycles are put into the city. Some organisms have strong resistance to heat and need high air pressure to destroy

the manufacturing industry has used flexible UHF RFID tags to manage the supply of uniforms, but Fujitsu said that their flexible UHF RFID tags can withstand temperatures that other products cannot tolerate. This represents more efficient implementation. Using Fujitsu's high-temperature label, the company can scan up to 100 uniforms at a time, saving a lot of trouble in tracking uniforms manually

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