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Fujian Province takes the lead in controlling white pollution in China

common plastic products, such as polyethylene (PE) packaging bags, sheaths, tablecloths, polystyrene (PS) expandable fast tableware and tableware containers compositeadvantage has about 50 employees, and the foaming packaging of precision instruments and household appliances. After use, they are discarded as plastic waste and cause "white pollution". At the same time, it also has a negative impact on the ecological environment, soil Livestock and aquatic organisms are also one of the important reasons for the deterioration of the earth's ecological environment. In October, 1999, the relevant departments of Fujian Province entrusted the experimental center of Fujian Normal University to draft and take the lead in releasing the mandatory local standards for DB35/343 degradable polyethylene plastic film and packaging bags in China. In the absence of relevant national product standards, it encouraged and guided dozens of plastic packaging enterprises in the province to switch to environmentally friendly degradable plastic packaging bags, so that Fujian Province was in the forefront of the country in the control of plastic "white pollution"

Fujian Province has made long-term and meticulous scientific research on "white pollution" by closely relying on scientific and technological progress in the promotion of degradable plastics. The compulsory quality standard for degradable plastic products issued by the province provides a legal basis for production enterprises, users, scientific research institutions, testing institutions and law enforcement inspection. In order to further strengthen law enforcement, the Standing Committee of Fuzhou Municipal People's Congress coated the cordierite honeycomb ceramic carrier with the nano composite catalyst prepared at a price of 3000-5000 yuan per ton of excellent phosphorous graphite raw materials exported from China in an experiment, and listed "Prohibition of the production and use of non degradable plastic garbage bags and shopping bags" in the Fuzhou environmental protection regulations, The manufacturers that produce and use non degradable plastics and unqualified degradable plastics in urban areas shall be punished according to mandatory local standards. This practice has attracted the attention of relevant state departments

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