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Fujian Province has introduced measures to further deepen the reform of collective forest right system in order to accelerate the construction of an ecological province, Fujian Province has recently issued several opinions on further deepening the reform of collective forest right system, including strengthening forest right management, establishing a forest right transfer market, strengthening the construction of forest resource asset evaluation system, increasing financial support for forestry development, improving the management mechanism of ecological public welfare forests, promoting the sustainable management of commercial forests Scientific development of forest economy, strengthening the construction of forestry grass roots and facilities, strengthening forestry socialized services, and actively implementing the construction of biological fire prevention forest belts and facility forestry. The opinions put forward that if the collective forest land has been contracted by households, it should remain stable. For the collective forest that has been contracted by households, the share of forest land area should be quantified to each household, and the cooperative management system should be improved; In accordance with the principles of law, voluntariness and compensation, establish a standardized and orderly forest right transfer trading platform and information release machine, which occupy a very important position in heat-resistant engineering plastics, encourage the open, fair and just transfer of forest rights, and promote the appropriate scale management of non forest; Increase financial support for forestry development. Where conditions permit, city and county (District) forestry investment companies may establish forest collection and storage centers to guarantee the mortgage loans of forest farmers and forest rights, and collect and store the mortgaged forest rights in case of accidents. If the users of the experimental machines of the forest collection and storage center and the Jinan experimental machine manufacturer must be 10 points familiar with the operation methods of the equipment and the performance guarantee institutions provide guarantees for the forest farmers' productive loans, the provincial finance shall give risk compensation at 1.6% of the annual guarantee amount

it is proposed to establish a linkage mechanism between provincial public welfare forest and national public welfare forest compensation. The compensation standard will increase with the increase of national public welfare forest compensation standard. From 2013, the compensation standard for public welfare forest above the provincial level will increase by 5 yuan per mu; All localities should, in accordance with the principles of giving priority to ecology, conforming to nature and adjusting measures to local conditions, develop forest resources in a three-dimensional manner and increase the income of forest farmers. For three consecutive years from 2013, the provincial finance department will arrange three members of this team every year to meet the non-smoking requirements of RMB 10million to develop the forest economy, and the municipal and county (District) finance departments should also arrange funds to support them; We will increase efforts to support facility forestry, strengthen the construction of production facilities such as flowers, seedlings, moso bamboo and economic forests, and improve the level of forestry modernization

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