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Fujian Fengshan Stone Group Co., Ltd.

Fujian Fengshan Stone Group Co., Ltd. is one of the top ten stone brands, a well-known trademark in China, a famous brand in Fujian Province, a best-selling brand in the Chinese stone market, a famous product in the Chinese stone industry, an industry landmark brand, and a pillar enterprise in the building materials industry in Southern Fujian, Fengshan stone group, a large comprehensive group company, is composed of Fengshan Stone Co., Ltd., Fujian Fengshan Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Fujian Fengshan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Fujian Jinjiang Container Transportation Co., Ltd., Anhui Suzhou Jin'an Stone Co., Ltd., Qitai Fengshan Stone Co., Ltd., Beijing Fengshan Stone Co., Ltd Nanping Shihua Real Estate Co., Ltd. is one of the pillar enterprises in the building materials industry in Southern Fujian

Fengshan stone is the core enterprise of the group. The company was founded in 1989. It is a large comprehensive group company specializing in the mining, processing, sales, design, construction and maintenance of deformed granite stones that are required to be accurately measured by extensometers by famous flower cities in China and the world

the company has introduced the world's advanced stone production lines and mining equipment, and has developed many kinds of stone mines. The mines have rich reserves and can be mined for more than decades. The company also pays attention to the development of a series of products, such as super cylindrical leather, roman columns, special-shaped lines, giant stone carvings, etc. In recent years, Fengshan stone products have sold well all over the country and exported to Japan, Europe and the United States. At the same time, the company also has a large number of professional and technical personnel. With its rich knowledge and experience in stone decoration, the company skillfully provides reliable services such as stone variety selection, design, setting out, installation and maintenance with the help of high-tech equipment. No matter the buildings of modern schools or western classical characteristics, the company can guarantee the quality and quantity and complete them on time

Fengshan stone is booming and has gradually realized scientific management and modern technology. The product quality meets the gb/t high-class product standard. The company adopts international standards for production and has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification. The company has won the honor of "China famous trademark" since 2006, and has won the honors of "honoring contracts and keeping promises" and "excellent credit (AA coincides with the excellent opportunity for Chinalco to open its internal market a) enterprises" for many times. It has also won the honors of "Fujian famous product", "Fujian famous trademark", "top 20 stone products in China", "top 50 market share", "top brand products in China's stone industry", "the second industry landmark brand" "Green building materials brand", "the most competitive enterprise in the project", "the first, second and third Huabiao cup high quality stone decoration project award", etc

all the achievements have no permanence. All the honors that academician Lu Yongxiang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering once said have no patents. Yesterday's achievements are the start of today. Fengshan stone will continue as before, take the user first and quality first as the business purpose, and create a brilliant tomorrow for the development of building materials

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