Lanzhi curtain made a wonderful debut at the 16th

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From July 8 to 11, 2014, the 16th Guangzhou Construction Expo was grandly held. Lanzhi curtain made a wonderful appearance. The exhibition hall is located at No. 38, hall 9.3, attracting many dealers to gather around for consultation and cooperation

from July 8 to 11, 2014, the 16th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Construction Expo"), known as the "first exhibition of Asian building materials", was held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou China Import and export commodities fair. Lanzhi curtain made a wonderful debut at the 16th Guangzhou Construction Expo, and the exhibition hall is located at No. 38, hall 10.3. The brand has attracted many dealers to consult and negotiate cooperation

Lanzhi, the practitioner and navigator of finished curtain in China, is the most professional and large-scale fabric soft clothing supplier in China. With the development strategy of pursuing fashion, paying attention to quality, paying attention to health and advocating individuality, it has formed a large-scale, professional, branded and collectivized industrial chain supply mode, and is the most competitive curtain enterprise in the field of high-end home furnishing and tooling accessories design in the industry

with the appropriate understanding of space and the persistent pursuit of life taste, LANEIGE has made continuous breakthroughs and innovations in the fields of tradition and fashion, science and art, aesthetics and culture, and formed a strategic system and in-depth pattern of simultaneous development of design and R & D, marketing and market, after-sales and service. The soft decoration product structure and flexible production, supply and marketing system such as fabric art, curtain, pendant and wallpaper have been fully established. Based on the full integration of eastern and western traditional culture and international design trends, Lanzhi has always taken "design taste life" as its corporate mission, deeply explored the potential artistic value in the design process, and can provide customers with customized and personalized supporting curtain services for overall home accessories

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